Meaning of semi-solid in English:


Pronunciation /sɛmɪˈsɒlɪd/


  • Highly viscous; slightly thicker than semi-fluid.

    ‘semi-solid lava’
    • ‘Fat droplets, air bubbles and ice crystals are all dispersed in a thick sugar solution to form the semi-solid, frozen and aerated matrix that we know so well.’
    • ‘Oleoresins are liquids with a consistency varying from that of vegetable oil to a semi-solid paste.’
    • ‘But common sense would indicate that consuming liquid or semi-solid choices - a concentrated carbohydrate drink, sports drink or gel - might be easier to digest that a bowl of lentils.’
    • ‘Hydrogenation turns oils into semi-solid fats that are resistant to spoilage and thus give products a longer shelf life.’
    • ‘Mixed digesters are usually used with liquid manure, and plug-flow digesters are best loaded with semi-solid manure.’
    • ‘The openings permit solid and semi-solid bodily exudates to pass through the top sheet to the absorbent core as the diaper is worn.’
    • ‘These lavas are inferred to have solidified under a semi-solid carapace.’
    • ‘If the puzukku is too thick add a little more water and make it semi-solid.’
    • ‘Stored liquids should be only a small fraction of the storage capacity because successful solid and semi-solid storages require excess liquids to be drained off.’
    • ‘Solid or semi-solid manure can be mechanically scraped.’
    • ‘Many cyclists and triathletes need a change of taste when training and competing, and gels provide a semi-solid answer to this dilemma.’
    • ‘The form of a food - solid, semi-solid or liquid - may greatly influence satiety signals.’
    • ‘An embolism can happen when something solid, semi-solid or gaseous is travelling in your bloodstream and gets stuck.’
    • ‘According to its water content, a soil may exist in the liquid, plastic, semi-solid, or solid state.’
    • ‘During the 1830s a French pharmacist devised a mechanism for making soft-gelatin capsules which could then be filled - usually with unpalatable, oily, or semi-solid medicaments that could not easily be made into pills.’
    • ‘Only one day after his voyage ended on the reef, Mr Taurae was already taking semi-solid food and trying to strengthen his legs after more than four months aboard his 25-foot boat.’
    • ‘Due to its natural semi-solid consistency, palm oil does not need to go through the hydrogenation process which creates trans-fatty acids.’
    • ‘The crude oil, known as concrete, is semi-solid at ordinary temperature because of a large amount of higher fatty acids, chiefly palmitic acid.’
    • ‘Occasionally, we stepped into some sort of semi-solid substance.’
    • ‘Each sliced pickle was carefully placed on the sandwich so that there was a semi-solid layer of pickle across the entire sandwich.’
    semi-solid, firm, stiff, stiffened, heavy