Meaning of semi-trailer in English:



  • 1North American A trailer having wheels at the back but supported at the front by a towing vehicle.

    • ‘For the purposes of this Convention, ‘vehicles’ means motor vehicles, articulated vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers as defined in article 4 of the Convention on Road Traffic dated 19th September 1949.’
    • ‘The long main road between Montreal and Quebec City is the Jean LeSage Autoroute, a poorly-maintained epic of a straight four-lane highway crowded with huge transport vehicles, especially semi-trailers with loads of logs.’
    • ‘The first place winner was Tridekon, a company based in Eden that has developed a hydraulically-driven, telescoping swing auger for unloading grain from semi-trailers.’
    • ‘When the Chees moved to Lismore in 1988 they brought with them two semi-trailers full of bonsai trees, which they have planted out in quarter acre block on their property.’
    • ‘In the state of Queensland, unrestricted access to the entire network is provided to vehicles such as standard semi-trailer combinations.’
    1. 1.1An articulated lorry.
      • ‘What is worse, for a period between one and two years ago, 44-tonne six-axle articulated semi-trailers were regular visitors to the lane.’
      • ‘Elephants are transported from one city to the next in railroad cars or truck semi-trailers.’
      • ‘Police do not expect to charge anyone involved in the fatal collision between a Bundaberg truck driver's semi-trailer and an elderly couple's campervan last week.’