Meaning of semi-transparent in English:


Pronunciation /sɛmɪtransˈpar(ə)nt/


  • Partially or imperfectly transparent.

    ‘the cuticles of mites and spiders are semi-transparent’
    • ‘Varnishes, which form transparent or semi-transparent films, are made up of the last three components, with coloured varnishes containing small amounts of pigment.’
    • ‘Redwood gazebos will look and perform best with the application of a transparent, semi-transparent or opaque finish.’
    • ‘There are a variety of products you can use to coat your deck, from clear wood finishes to translucent to semi-transparent to solid-color stains.’
    • ‘Employing a combination of closed, semi-transparent and clear roof panels, daylight can be dramatically directed (on to the altar, for instance).’
    • ‘Or a honeycomb made of cardboard combined with coconut husks coated with a semi-transparent layer of coloured polyester to achieve strength, cheapness and lightness.’
    • ‘As reported last week, the new limited edition pack - which is the second of its type to be launched here, following the semi-transparent green version last year - features a transparent casing and two matching controllers.’
    • ‘The refection film of the first layer is semi-transparent and the bonding agent is transparent, providing instant access from the first to the second layer.’
    • ‘This will be the second of its type to be launched in Europe, following the semi-transparent green version last year, features will be a transparent casing and two matching controllers.’
    • ‘Another new nifty transparency trick is the ability to create a semi-transparent image that will work with any background color.’
    • ‘Another possible solution would be to use a semi-transparent stain rather than a transparent stain.’
    • ‘A semi-transparent metal reflector between the two layers ensures that the laser can properly read back data from the inner layer while preventing the laser from writing data to both layers simultaneously.’
    • ‘It is available in six standard translucent colors with custom variations that range from the semi-transparent to the opaque.’
    • ‘But in South China, the puppets were made from semi-transparent sheep skin and painted with different coloured images.’
    • ‘Orpiment has a light to a dark yellow sulfurous colour tone and applies thick to semi-transparent.’
    • ‘Dominating the view at the centre back, there appeared to be an origami-like creation made from semi-transparent cloth and bamboo that floated like a giant lotus, or palace, with angular petals pointing upwards.’
    • ‘She was wearing… something not quite like a jumpsuit, not a blouse or dress, but unlike any evening gown I had ever heard of: white and tantalisingly semi-transparent in places.’
    • ‘For the more daring there were tight semi-transparent Chantilly lace shirts which left little to the imagination - ‘a bustless bustier’ as one critic called them.’
    • ‘The whole house can be viewed as a set of planes, graded in sequence as they develop from the semi-transparent brick, glass and timber plane on the south elevation to an almost opaque corrugated iron of the north elevation.’
    • ‘Of course, the most peculiar thing is that she was semi-transparent, glowing in a soft yellow hue - that, and her eyes seemed to be empty, two black ovals floating in the middle of the light.’
    • ‘The butterfly's blueness does not come from pigment - the natural color of their wings is actually a dull brown - but thousands of semi-transparent scales.’
    semi-transparent, pellucid, diaphanous, colourless, glassy, glasslike, gossamer, clear, crystalline, see-through, limpid, transparent