Meaning of semiaquatic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛmɪəˈkwatɪk/


  • 1(of an animal) living partly on land and partly in water.

    ‘semiaquatic crocodiles’
    • ‘Some species are semiaquatic; others live underground; yet others spend their entire lives in the canopy of tropical forest.’
    • ‘This second transition appears more profound than the first in that the distance traveled was greater and the full spectrum of semiaquatic locomotor morphologies was crossed.’
    • ‘The majority live in relatively open habitats, such as plains and savannas, but others dwell in forests, and one group is semiaquatic.’
    • ‘‘The skull evolved first and was not related at all to a semiaquatic lifestyle,’ he said.’
    • ‘Adult salamanders may be aquatic, semiaquatic or terrestrial in their habits, and many otherwise terrestrial species seasonally enter water to breed.’
    1. 1.1(of a plant) growing in very wet or waterlogged ground.
      ‘a semiaquatic vegetation of watercress and horsetails’
      • ‘In Moreton Bay the semiaquatic fern called bungwall was the mainstay of local tribes.’
      • ‘Pavement rock depressions that retain shallow water for all or most of the year contain two aquatic or semiaquatic plants, both confined to these granitic habitats in Georgia and surrounding areas.’
      • ‘This small, cryptic, semiaquatic plant has 33 miles of designated critical habitat along the San Pedro River.’