Meaning of seminally in English:



See seminal

‘That would place a wholly new perspective on Indian policies in South Asia, no less than the doctrine threatening to seminally reshape U.S. foreign policy.’
  • ‘This was spurred on by many magazine articles of the time, most seminally a December 1959 True magazine article describing the discovery of large, mysterious footprints the year before in Bluff Creek, California.’
  • ‘A person, it appeared, could pick and choose between several possible explanations; St. Augustine shouted of the ‘The Fall’ and our need for punishment for being seminally present in Adam.’
  • ‘His eagerly awaited autobiography is a solid good read about the life of a top international soccer star, although hardly the seminally honest account we were promised.’
  • ‘The booming economy, the socially advanced period of time, and the burgeoning political agenda conspired to bring about a number of seminally important films.’