Meaning of sempervivum in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛmpəˈvʌɪvəm/


  • A plant of a genus that includes the houseleek.

    Genus Sempervivum, family Crassulaceae

    ‘Agaves, pelargoniums, yuccas, sedum, sempervivum, cacti - if they can survive your winters or you have a light frost-free place to overwinter them - all are suitable.’
    • ‘They feature specimens from three unthirsty groups of plants - sedums, sempervivums, and yuccas - all of which display handsome foliage year-round, with a bonus of seasonal bloom.’
    • ‘Strawberry pots overflow with sedums and sempervivums.’
    • ‘Aloes and sempervivums are renowned for their staying power.’
    • ‘I consider sempervivums to be our cold-hardy aloe vera substitute.’


Modern Latin, from Latin semper ‘always’ + vivus ‘living’.