Meaning of send a message in English:

send a message


  • Make a significant statement, either implicitly or by one's actions.

    ‘it sends a message to potential foreign investors’
    • ‘An election might have sent a message to prospective tourists that life was continuing as normal outside certain designated areas.’
    • ‘He then sends a message of congratulations to the voter in the election, won by the Republican Party in a landslide.’
    • ‘Bell suggested that council needs to send a strong message to the government and send a message to the solicitor general.’
    • ‘She mentioned that she had sent a message to Rex, trying to get his help in how to deal with Dan and his potential stalking/obsession.’
    • ‘You better be straight with him, and you better mean what you say, and I think that he sent a message to a lot of his appointees.’
    • ‘Hundreds of residents sent a message to Hampshire police chiefs by marching in protest at plans to cut the number of police officers based in New Milton.’
    • ‘The American people sent a message to the world: We know we're at war.’
    • ‘The council's stance sent a message that developers could do what they liked with no consequences, Ms Neave said.’
    • ‘‘It has sent a message out to people that they can do what they want,’ he said.’
    • ‘His lack of discretion sent a message to his staff that there were no bounds, and they acted accordingly.’