Meaning of send on in English:

send on

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phrasal verb

  • send something on, send on somethingTransmit mail or luggage to a further destination or in advance of one's own arrival.

    ‘I've got your catalogue—would you like me to send it on?’
    • ‘The cash would be carried in oak chests, and the keys would be sent on in advance for added safety.’
    • ‘Postini then filters out the spam and the virus-infected messages, among other things, before sending your mail on.’
    • ‘Okay, then, I'll ask my people to send my luggage on later, I'd rather set off earlier and travel in comfort.’
    • ‘A daily system of luggage transportation allows you to send your luggage on to your next stopover and cycle at your ease.’
    • ‘After the applicant had been given notice by the Home Office that he was going to be deported, his solicitors, through their inefficiency, sent letters on to the wrong address and, consequently, they were not received by the applicant.’
    • ‘Corbeau set up his own postal service for the City of Liege; for deliveries outside this area he collected the post but sent it on via the normal postal services.’
    • ‘The commission confirmed yesterday that all three main parties are ignoring its recommendation that they do not handle postal voting applications at a centralised local address of their own before sending them on.’
    • ‘Allegedly if I send it on to everyone in my address book my wish will come true.’
    • ‘I'm sending this letter to your old address, hoping that even if you've moved, it will be sent on.’
    • ‘We would then send the calls on to our customer's destination.’