Meaning of send to in English:

send to

phrasal verb

  • send someone to somewhereArrange for someone to go to an institution and stay there for a particular purpose.

    ‘many parents prefer to send their children to single-sex schools’
    • ‘whoever killed her will be sent to prison’
    • ‘Magistrates sent Harris to a young offenders institution for 90 days.’
    • ‘The brutality of ‘Victorian’ responses to otherness is echoed in Walter's bleak experience in the institution he is sent to after the death of his parents.’
    • ‘That is the way with war crimes such as genocide, the charge which has sent Krstic to prison for the rest of his life.’
    • ‘They could have sent Smith to prison but decided on a curfew and community service.’
    • ‘Judge Hoffman said he had considered sending Lewis to prison for four months.’
    • ‘That's why we gotta send Martha to prison with the common folk.’
    • ‘The case was heard at Andover, which has custody facilities, in case the magistrates decided to send Little to prison.’
    • ‘Eighteen months earlier she had helped send Coburn to prison as a prosecution witness in an armed robbery case.’
    • ‘Even though he had been sentenced to detention, the authorities did not have to send Joe to prison.’
    • ‘They've decided to send him to a state institution, where he might have to stay for as long as three months.’
    • ‘In the absence of a safe mental institution Stephen was sent to Bordelais.’
    • ‘The woman has a serious personality disorder, she needs care in a secure unit with the necessary support services, instead she has been sent to an institution for the criminally insane.’
    • ‘What they're doing is putting the veterans on Medicare programs and sending them to other institutions.’
    • ‘And in her case, the most constructive thing to do is send her to a mental institution until she's well.’
    • ‘Swindon JPs heard that he was disqualified for 12 months in October 2002 after being convicted of dangerous driving, and in April last year he had been sent to a young offenders institution for two offences of driving while disqualified.’
    • ‘His parents had faked his death and sent him to a mental institution, but why?’
    • ‘The judge said he regretted having to send her to prison, but there was no other suitable institution available for her.’
    • ‘The judge was about to tell the jury something that could seal a verdict of first-degree murder and send Valessa to prison for the rest of her life.’
    • ‘Instead of sending him to jail, Anse arranges for Darl to be committed to a mental asylum.’
    • ‘Her family was forced to send her to an institution.’