Meaning of sender in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛndə/

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  • A person who sends or transmits a message, letter, email, etc.

    ‘evidence submitted late will be returned to the sender’
    • ‘senders of unwanted emails’
    • ‘Dozens of letters sent to me were turned back to the senders.’
    • ‘I prioritize either by message topic or by sender.’
    • ‘Educate your employees about the dangers of opening e-mail attachments, particularly from senders they do not know personally.’
    • ‘He offers tips to businesses looking to capitalize on the craze without being labelled a sender of spam.’
    • ‘To the initial frustration of some of the senders, he didn't open the packages.’
    • ‘The value is in the transfer of responsibility from sender to receiver for ensuring the latest information.’
    • ‘The cost to the sender of a card is essentially zero.’
    • ‘The sender can utilize sound, colour, movement, symbols, words, etc.’
    • ‘It's basically an attempt to discern whether a sender is trying to sell you something.’
    • ‘Allegedly these parcels have been sent back to sender over the Christmas period.’