Meaning of Senegalese in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛnɪɡəˈliːz/

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  • Relating to Senegal or its people.

    ‘The group of eight Senegalese artists have organized workshops in a remote village to help local artisans.’
    • ‘The Senegalese celebrations will no doubt continue, whatever happens in the quarter-finals.’
    • ‘The beautiful soundtrack plays different kinds of Senegalese music almost nonstop throughout the film.’

nounplural noun Senegalese

  • A native or inhabitant of Senegal, or a person of Senegalese descent.

    ‘The Senegalese showed a piece they were developing which told the story of a girl who had been left for dead because of a spell.’
    • ‘Senegalese are members of more than twenty ethnic groups.’
    • ‘In suppurating, unshaded heat, the Senegalese celebrated exuberantly.’