Meaning of senior chief petty officer in English:

senior chief petty officer



  • A rank in the US navy, above chief petty officer and below master chief petty officer.

    ‘After 20 years in Navy law enforcement, he retired as a senior chief petty officer and moved to Angeles 12 years ago.’
    • ‘In session for nearly four weeks, the 75 enlisted and 13 officer board members reviewed the records of 14,223 eligible candidates; 1,850 Sailors were ultimately selected for promotion to senior chief petty officer.’
    • ‘O'Neal, 44, was a senior chief petty officer and medical corpsman with the Coast Guard's Port Security Unit 305, a team of boat drivers who secure ports and waterways at home and around the world.’
    • ‘He had been a senior chief petty officer when he was drummed out of the service for improper use of Navy resources.’
    • ‘My mission after the landing was to become the senior enlisted person, senior chief petty officer, and we went into the ground phase at that.’