Meaning of senior common room in English:

senior common room



  • 1British A room used for social purposes by fellows, lecturers, and other senior members of a college.

    ‘You're supposed to sit around in the coffee shop or the senior common room, arguing long into the night about the significance of these devices.’
    • ‘Tripping over a rug in the Christ's College senior common room, I rose to find myself face to face with Harold Macmillan's whiskers.’
    • ‘Some time in my first year on the LSE staff, I ran into Harry in the senior common room and he reminded me of the point I had made to him about Viner's trade diversion when we had first met.’
    • ‘We also had a sneaking admiration for him because he used to have lunch in the student canteen rather than go upstairs to the senior common room where all the other teachers went.’
    • ‘After the dining hall, high table moved to the senior common room upstairs.’
    university teacher, lecturer, university lecturer, fellow, professor, reader, lector, college tutor, academic, scholar
    1. 1.1treated as singular or plural The senior members of a college regarded collectively.
      ‘his involvement with Darwin and other staff in the senior common room’
      • ‘And then Anne Sayre in, I think, her American way misinterpreted the fact that women weren't allowed in the senior common room at Kings.’
      • ‘That could prove interesting in the senior common rooms.’
      • ‘Teeth gnashed in senior common rooms: could the university not support one expert in Sogdian?’
      • ‘Legend has it that he once decked an obnoxious colleague in the senior common room (something that many academics dream of, but usually don't have the nerve actually to do).’
      • ‘Students and members of the senior common room get a discount so wouldn't have paid £3.65 for a main course.’