Meaning of senior partner in English:

senior partner

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  • 1A member of a group that has more power or influence than other members.

    ‘the senior partner in the five-party coalition government’
    • ‘Although the US was clearly the senior partner in the expulsion of the country's president, it's worth emphasising the importance of France's contribution.’
    • ‘The president said, "there is no senior partner and junior partner in our relations, there is simply engagement based upon mutual respect, common interests, and shared values."’
    • ‘It's a symptom of the our defence establishment's mentality as an anxious junior ally, afraid of giving its senior partner any reason to curtail the flow of intelligence.’
    • ‘Senior partners France and Germany will have two representatives each on the board, but neither can be a civil servant.’
    • ‘The Vice President and the man who would replace him have begun to dominate the political conversation at a moment when their senior partners seek to keep politics at arm's length.’
    • ‘In this alliance, there are no old members or new members, no senior partners or junior partners - there are just allies, pure and simple.’
    • ‘The senior partners in government are rarely willing to admit they made any mistakes at all, let alone criminal fraud.’
    • ‘Fracking in the Conservative Party's heartland areas in southern England could prove politically challenging for the senior partner in the coalition government.’
    • ‘In his keynote speech, the Deputy Prime Minister claimed a series of victories over the party's senior partner as he made a pitch for more coalition in 2015.’
    • ‘All of which shows Snedden's suggestion that New Zealand might team up with senior partner Australia to bid for a football World Cup to be serendipitous.’
    1. 1.1The head or joint head of a business partnership.
      ‘the senior partner of a firm of solicitors’
      • ‘A former senior partner with a Los Angeles accounting firm was charged with insider trading.’
      • ‘Wood joined the London office of the firm as senior partner, a new post.’
      • ‘He had most recently been senior partner in the consulting practice and senior vice president for business development.’
      • ‘She drafted the rules for the association without consulting the senior partners and without taking advice from expert lawyers within the firm.’
      • ‘Working with this Senior Partner, you will perform all of the traditional secretarial duties to the point of acting as a Personal Assistant.’
      • ‘He was conscientious and hard working and retired as senior partner because he was finding life as a GP very stressful.’
      • ‘The mother-of-two said that women were put off becoming judges or senior partners in law firms as the hours are not conducive to a family life.’
      • ‘He became the quango's senior partner for strategy and development.’
      • ‘She sued for $16 million, based largely on lost income and what she could have earned if she'd been promoted to senior partner.’
      • ‘Two of the senior partners, who both bring in a lot of business, can't stand each other.’