Meaning of Señora in English:


Pronunciation /sɛˈnjɔːrə/


  • A title or form of address used of or to a Spanish-speaking woman, corresponding to Mrs or madam.

    ‘Señora Dolores’
    • ‘Consequently, the arrival of populism is not the end of the señoras, but the extension of señoras to all social classes.’
    • ‘‘You and I both know,’ I said, in a confidential tone, ‘that that price is much too high, señora.’’
    • ‘Further forward, a group of schoolgirls raise their hands as if in prayer, while nearby, a shaven-headed youth in baggy jeans throws gang signs over the head of a middle-aged señora who is mouthing the words to every song.’
    • ‘‘My husband lets them stay here,’ the señora said bitterly.’
    • ‘‘Goodnight señora,’ Brian said, raising his hand to wave at Hope's mother, missing the look on her face in his tiredness.’


Spanish, feminine of Señor.