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Pronunciation /s(ɛ)nˈseɪʃən(ə)l/

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  • 1Causing great public interest and excitement.

    ‘a sensational murder trial’
    • ‘In 1869 he won fame as public prosecutor in the sensational murder trial that convicted Nancy Clem.’
    • ‘As exploitations of sensational murder trials go, The Staircase is fairly tasteful.’
    • ‘In the wake of a sensational murder case, local newspapers printed lurid headlines and helped increase passions in the city.’
    • ‘Interesting, in that two American women are dead - that's twice as many as in most sensational murder stories.’
    • ‘In the less sensational murder cases, it's often a different story.’
    • ‘The arrest of a prosecutor as an accomplice has put a bizarre new twist on a sensational murder case in Nuremberg.’
    • ‘However, that changes when the suspected murderers become defendants in sensational trials that could bring in big bucks.’
    • ‘Such sensational murders, although regular occurrences in history, are nonetheless unusual events.’
    • ‘Overall, this style of studying sensational murder stories through a case study has a number of advantages.’
    • ‘A legal watchdog has thrown out complaints about a leading Yorkshire solicitor made in the wake of the sensational trial of two Leeds United footballers.’
    • ‘The Sun newspaper's sub-editors could not have done better, yet it was with her long before her sensational trial, in Portsmouth in 1944.’
    • ‘Next hour, the prosecution will begin its rebuttal, meaning the sensational five month trial is winding down.’
    • ‘The acquittal of eight paramilitary officers in a sensational trial in Ivory Coast tops today's segment.’
    • ‘At her sensational trial, prosecution said the killing was a ‘classic case of a jilted woman wanting revenge’.’
    • ‘Well, you know, I can't think of a more sensational trial or a more sensational case.’
    • ‘Some 49,000 of them clubbed together to bring the government to the High Court in one of the most sensational trials of the year.’
    • ‘All of which has been in the news this week, following the sensational collapse of the trial involving two Leeds United players.’
    • ‘Today, more than 25 years later and with his sensational trial underway, it is heavy with irony.’
    • ‘For a sensational trial, the penny papers sent reporters to the courtroom every day.’
    amazing, startling, astonishing, staggering, shocking, appalling, horrifying, scandalous
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    1. 1.1Presenting information in a way that is intended to provoke public interest and excitement, at the expense of accuracy.
      ‘cheap sensational periodicals’
      • ‘When news was presented in a sensational form, it certainly evokes simplistic responses.’
      • ‘Their survey seems to have used dubious and possibly unethical methods to extract potentially sensational information.’
      • ‘He showers you with quotable quotes and his interviews are peppered with sensational statements.’
      • ‘This regulation is aimed at preventing the presentation of sensational images to boost media ratings.’
      • ‘To rise above the din in a society swamped with information, there is no alternative but to be sensational and dramatic.’
      • ‘It challenges everyone to be accurate and not be sensational but at the same time to cut through the red tape to get to the real meat of the story.’
      • ‘I mean, in the media, all the time, the thing that we're most interested in is the most sensational, the most hyperbolic.’
      • ‘I agree that media coverage of the issue too often has been laden with generalizations, hyperbole and sensational images.’
      • ‘Viewers must understand that the cameras are drawn to sensational excess.’
      • ‘Often, while the facts may be correct, the presentation style sitting under a sensational headline will sell more papers but can frighten the public.’
      • ‘The herd amplifies a sensational story, and then it moves on.’
      • ‘The sensational story, he now says, was based on information supplied to him by some French reporters.’
      • ‘The news media have also become more sensational, more prone to scandal and possibly less accurate.’
      • ‘While this is a sensational approach, has it been accurate or fair?’
      overdramatized, dramatic, melodramatic, exaggerated, overripe, sensationalist, sensationalistic, graphic, explicit, unrestrained, lurid
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  • 2 informal Very good indeed; very impressive or attractive.

    • ‘you look sensational’
    • ‘a sensational view’
    • ‘It was indeed a sensational finish to a thrilling tie.’
    • ‘He is a very attractive horse that showed sensational abilities at middle distances.’
    • ‘Built in 1891, the hotel offers sensational harbour views, and a seafood and steak menu in the restaurant and bistro.’
    • ‘It also has three balconies, so most of the rooms have inside/outside space, with sensational views over the city.’
    • ‘Dazzling costumes, spectacular sets and sensational choreography make this performance by The Rattonians an evening of glamour and glitz.’
    • ‘Another year, another England prodigy with a sensational one-day entrance and an even more eye-catching hairstyle.’
    • ‘The overriding selling point for all juices is that they attain the magical properties of both sensational taste and outstanding health benefits.’
    • ‘This is a brilliant work, a sensational contemporary art object that seems so easy yet is so conceptually sophisticated.’
    • ‘No kitty can resist the lure of this specially formulated combination of sensational delights.’
    • ‘This was an awesome, absolutely sensational defensive effort.’
    • ‘There is sensational scenery, fabulous wildlife and air of unsurpassed clarity.’
    • ‘Since its launch in 1995 this sensational show has delighted more than 2.5 million people either in the capital or at venues across the UK.’
    • ‘I'm in heaven with all the sensational summer fruits out there.’
    • ‘Snappy, sassy, citrusy, and gingery, it's an enchanting white wine, sensational with seafood.’
    • ‘There were some sensational run-outs and delightful catches.’
    • ‘The favorite going in, Monica looked sensational and got tremendous audience response as her reward.’
    • ‘His third of the day was a sensational effort, his awesome pace again leaving the Wolves defence trailing on 71 minutes.’
    • ‘He makes numerous sensational catches because of excellent speed and judgment.’
    • ‘The Australian champion has had a sensational season and should be among the best sprinters when the Tour gets under way.’
    • ‘Its location is sensational; water surrounds the house, which has views into arguably the finest seascape in Britain.’
    gorgeous, stunning, wonderful, exquisite, lovely, magnificent, dazzling, amazing, radiant, delightful, charming, enchanting, entrancing, captivating, bewitching
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