Meaning of sense of direction in English:

sense of direction

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  • A person's ability to know without explicit guidance the direction in which they are or should be moving.

    ‘In fact maps would be of little use to someone who lacked altogether a sense of direction; we need a sense of direction even to find our way around the map and then to orient the map to our immediate environment.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I felt it lacked a sense of direction and focus.’’
    • ‘There were thousands and thousands of people out in Liverpool and as we staggered around early Sunday morning at 3am looking for a taxi, I was cursing this fact almost as much as Dean and Jon's lack of a sense of direction.’
    • ‘But there was still plenty to concern him; he was worried about the need to give his period in office a sense of direction, about how his narrative might appear to future historians.’
    • ‘By the sixth day, the entire group was wandering through the hills without a sense of direction.’