Meaning of Sensex in English:



  • A figure indicating the relative prices of shares on the Mumbai (Bombay) Stock Exchange.

    ‘the Sensex fell by 56 points to close at 3,653’
    • ‘Watching from the sidelines are millions of nervous investors who have seen Reliance's stock drop 12 percent in the last month because of the feud, despite the 6.3 percent gain in the Sensex, the Bombay Stock Exchange's 30-share index.’
    • ‘The Bombay Stock Exchange's Sensex has reached a level which the most optimistic analysts didn't expect till 2006.’
    • ‘Foreign investors, who pumped over seven billion dollars into Indian shares last year, helping drive the Sensex up 73 percent, bought more shares Thursday.’
    • ‘At the low, the Sensex was 23% off its 2004 starting value.’
    • ‘India's economy is projected to expand 6.4% this year, and the benchmark Sensex is up 22.5%.’


1990s blend of sensitive and index.