Meaning of sensorimotor in English:



  • (of nerves or their actions) having or involving both sensory and motor functions or pathways.

    • ‘This indicates the presence of complete sensorimotor reflex pathways within the organ wall.’
    • ‘Such activation of the tectal neurons could be related to their role in sensory processing and in the integration of multi-sensory and sensorimotor functioning.’
    • ‘This lends some support to the popular anecdote that subjects with unilateral ankle sprains have a deficit in the sensorimotor system that affects the central processing of motor control.’
    • ‘Each of these cases speaks against the motor and sensorimotor hypotheses, which would predict that delayed movements would resemble visually guided movements with perhaps some systematic or random distortions due to decay over time.’
    • ‘In addition, a thorough sensorimotor examination of the upper extremity should be performed, and the neck and elbow should be evaluated.’