Meaning of sensorium in English:


Pronunciation /sɛnˈsɔːrɪəm/

nounsensoria, sensoriums

  • The sensory apparatus or faculties considered as a whole.

    ‘virtual reality technology directed at recreating the human sensorium’
    • ‘Patients with alcoholic hallucinosis experience visual, auditory, or tactile hallucinations but otherwise have a clear sensorium.’
    • ‘Over the next two days her confusion continued to diminish and she again returned to her baseline sensorium of completely intact cognitive function.’
    • ‘Can we imagine extending our sensoria and expanding our consciousness to include the dusk of flora?’
    • ‘She enlarges perceptively upon the primacy of the visual in the shifting sensorium of the modern urban subject, though we still need more appreciation of other neglected dimensions, notably of sound and touch.’
    • ‘Although tragically limited, these very limits of theoretical insights do not impinge in any way on the full beauty of experience: experience can outstrip mere information because it always plays through our complete sensorium.’


Mid 17th century from late Latin, from Latin sens- ‘perceived’, from the verb sentire.