Meaning of separation of powers in English:

separation of powers

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  • The vesting of the legislative, executive, and judiciary powers of government in separate bodies.

    ‘constitutional arrangements based on separation of powers’
    • ‘The constitutionality of the legislation is suspect and potentially breaches the separation of powers.’
    • ‘The Australian Constitution, with its more rigorous separation of powers, prevents our common law changing in the same direction.’
    • ‘It actually gave rise to and provided justification for the principle of separation of powers in the establishment of our republic.’
    • ‘That's why the president talked about the separation of powers.’
    • ‘There can be nothing more activist than members of congress violating the separation of powers as they did this past week-end.’
    • ‘He said it also violates the government's separation of powers.’
    • ‘And getting the court involved in this to me was a great mistake, because it violates the separation of powers.’
    • ‘Although there is no separation of powers, unlike the USA, the system only makes democratic sense if the legislature acts as a brake on the executive.’
    • ‘When the constitution was written there was no question of strict separation of powers either in the Westminster system or in Australia.’
    • ‘Voluntarily appearing in front of a congressional committee in public does not violate separation of powers.’