Meaning of Septuagesima in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛptjʊəˈdʒɛsɪmə/


(also Septuagesima Sunday)
  • The Sunday before Sexagesima.

    ‘The novel is cleverly constructed and seems to take this advice as its own template - it is divided first into portentous segments of the liturgical year (imagine advancing panels featuring Lent, Whitsuntide and Septuagesima).’
    • ‘On the day I saw the exhibit, this hand-copied book was open to the Magnificat antiphon for Vespers on Septuagesima Sunday.’
    • ‘Some have theorized, however, that Septuagesima may have been added to the liturgical calendar to commemorate the Babylonian Captivity, which lasted 70 years (there is evidence that some early Christians began fasting 70 days before Easter, but whether that custom originated from this is not entirely clear).’
    • ‘In other parts of Europe, the carnival begins on Septuagesima Sunday.’


Late Middle English from Latin, ‘seventieth (day)’, probably named by analogy with Quinquagesima.