Meaning of sequentiality in English:


Pronunciation /sɪkwɛnʃɪˈalɪti/


See sequential

‘His basic error arose from his belief that the truth of narratives was incompatible with the usual way of presenting them: that is, in books which by their very technology insisted on a spurious sequentiality.’
  • ‘Audiences consequently endure a relentless sequentiality, one slide after another.’
  • ‘A conditional move instruction tests a register and moves a second register to a third if the condition is met; this function can be substituted for short branches and thus maintain the sequentiality of the instruction stream.’
  • ‘It is particularly this simultaneity rather than sequentiality that leads one to conclude that Magnolia is soap opera rather than film melodrama.’
  • ‘The basic narrative script of an apocalypse strives to reach the ultimate closure, while at the same time opening up the space of sequentiality.’