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[with object]
  • 1Take legal possession of (assets) until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met.

    ‘the power of courts to sequestrate the assets of unions’
    • ‘The reason for this is simple-the union's funds would have been sequestrated.’
    • ‘This was crucially important, as when the funds of the union were sequestrated, the support groups were independent of the union and their funds could not be touched.’
    • ‘A legal attack was waged against the union, during which there were repeated efforts to sequestrate its assets.’
    • ‘An application by the corporation seeking to sequestrate the assets of the Union has already been adjourned until later this month.’
    • ‘The fear that during unofficial strikes the courts could sequestrate the unions' funds has made the bureaucracy shy away from using the kind of tactics required to win disputes.’
    • ‘It is preceded by a writ and operates by sequestrating all the real and personal property of the union or person subject to the order, and is cumulative to other methods of enforcing an order such as committal.’
    • ‘Eventually the bailiff was charged and his property sequestrated, the governor was removed and later arrested, and - fifteen years after the original dispute - compensation payment made by the estate to some of the peasants.’
    seize, commandeer, expropriate, annex, arrogate, sequestrate, sequester, take possession of, take over, assume, secure, acquire, wrest, usurp, claim, lay claim to, hijack
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    1. 1.1Take forcible possession of (something); confiscate.
      ‘in November 1956 the property was sequestrated by the authorities’
      • ‘It was then sequestrated in November 1956 by the Egyptian government.’
      • ‘Their property and businesses were registered and sometimes sequestrated.’
      • ‘Various properties, including their luxury villa, were sequestrated.’
      confiscate, seize, take possession of, take, sequester, appropriate, expropriate, impound, commandeer, arrogate
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    2. 1.2Legally place (the property of a bankrupt) in the hands of a trustee for division among the creditors.
      as adjective sequestrated ‘a trustee in a sequestrated estate’
      • ‘The park was auctioned two weeks ago as part of the insolvent estate which was sequestrated by the High Court last August.’
      • ‘His multi-million rand estate was sequestrated in September last year after he went into debt to the tune of R10 million to Standard Bank.’
    3. 1.3Declare (someone) bankrupt.
      ‘two more poll tax rebels were sequestrated’
      • ‘If you are sequestrated, the process is pretty public.’
      • ‘He owes substantial sums to a firm of lawyers who were forced in 1996 to sequestrate him.’
      • ‘He accepted an investment from a Cape Town woman about two weeks before he was sequestrated.’
      • ‘At a hearing last month, a charge of failure to conduct personal and business financial affairs to avoid allowing himself to be sequestrated was found proved.’
      • ‘He was sequestrated last year and had few assets and no travel documents with which to leave the country.’
      • ‘In Scotland, the number of Scots being sequestrated reached a record level for the second quarter in a row.’



/ˈsiːkwəstreɪt/ /ˈsiːkwɛstreɪt/


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘separate from general access’): from late Latin sequestrat- ‘given up for safekeeping’, from the verb sequestrare (see sequester).