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Pronunciation /ˈsəːbɪən/

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  • 1mass noun The Southern Slavic language of the Serbs, almost identical to Croatian but written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

    ‘Since independence, Croatian and Serbian have been declared separate languages.’
    • ‘He reportedly speaks Croatian, Serbian, English, and of course, Russian.’
    • ‘The polyglot Pope, at intervals, addressed the crowd in Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, and Polish.’
    • ‘An interesting feature of the site is the ability to translate the site into 24 different languages including Welsh, Serbian, and Czech as well as Portuguese and Danish.’
    • ‘Magyar (the language of ethnic Hungarians) and German are spoken, as are Serbian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian, and Turkish.’
    • ‘The sandy plains extend over the frontier; many of the people speak Hungarian more naturally than Serbian: and even the grapes reflect the Hungarian viticultural tradition.’
    • ‘Before arriving in England Vildane could already speak English, Albanian and Serbian but she has taken German and Spanish studies.’
    • ‘How do you know it's not Bulgarian or Serbian?’
    • ‘Smaller Kosovar ethnic groups such as the Ashkalia, Gorani, and Turks, speak their own languages and either Albanian, Serbian, or both.’
    • ‘The head coach does them in Serbian - and they are then translated into Russian.’
    • ‘Misha took the phone from Mike and hurriedly dialled Mario's number, not really hearing Miroslav as he swore quietly in Serbian as a motorbike flashed passed him on the exit.’
    • ‘The variety of Macedonian spoken in the capital, Skopje, for example, shares some of its most salient features with Serbian.’
    • ‘She's just not so sure if being able to speak Serbian - her parents immigrated from Serbia a few years before she was born - would count toward the mandatory bilingualism the airlines require.’
    • ‘The menu in Serbian and English sounds different, but on closer inspection it is not that dissimilar from Bulgarian.’
    • ‘They translated the radio jingle into Albanian, Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, and Serbian.’
    • ‘He has also studied Arabic, Italian, Serbian and Slovene.’
    • ‘It will be broadcast in 21 languages, including Arabic, Mandarin, Icelandic, Russian, Serbian and Thai.’
    • ‘All we get is something that sounds like ‘Not In My Back Yard’ in Serbian.’
    • ‘As he hung up the phone, several voices chatted in Serbian to his immediate left, volume gradually rising.’
    • ‘He groaned, said something in Serbian, then rolled over and went back to sleep.’
  • 2

    another term for Serb

    ‘The other recognized minorities are Slovaks, Croatians, Serbians, Romanians, Slovenians, Germans, Greeks, Ukrainians and Armenians.’
    • ‘There were Croatians, Serbians, many Romanians and other students.’
    • ‘In the instability of post-war Europe displaced Serbians made their way to Bradford and West Yorkshire.’
    • ‘A lot of the dishes are attributed to various well-known and lesser-known Bulgarian and Serbians who have evidently shared their preferences and recipes with Miro, the chef and owner.’
    • ‘‘We Serbians and the Bulgarians are very much alike,’ he thinks.’
    • ‘Following their interests, the Austrians encouraged the Serbians to attack the fledgling Bulgarian state, promising them territorial gains in return for concessions in the Western Balkans.’
    • ‘‘We have so much in common like religion, customs, human relations and love for each other,’ he said and added that Serbians are well loved by Bulgarian people.’
    • ‘We've had Croats and the Serbians, we've got a lot of Serbians here in the club, there's no politics discussed in this club.’
    • ‘This was a country which had, after all, experienced an inflation rate of 313,563,558% in the month of January 1994, so the Serbians knew better than anyone how worthless paper money could become.’
    • ‘Asking her about the Serbians again, she adds: ‘I have friends who are Serbians working and living in Pristina.’’
    • ‘Only two Serbian doctors have attended the family medicine courses, and both left after two weeks because of pressure from other Serbians.’
    • ‘Even worse, millions of Serbians were turned into refugees.’
    • ‘Amid voter apathy that doomed two previous efforts, Serbians voted for a president yesterday for the third time in a year.’
    • ‘His second son Faruk, is a fireman, part of the welcoming committee that will include both Serbians and Bosnians.’
    • ‘The assassination of Austria's Archduke by a Serbian did not start WWI as widely assumed; it was one of the many straws that broke the camel's back.’
    • ‘I recall that the Albanians and Serbians didn't trust the French.’
    • ‘French author Victor Hugo took up the cause during the latter part of the 19th century, after the Serbians revolted against Turkish domination in the Balkans.’
    • ‘Do you think to some extent, though, he did face a struggle, as indeed possibly many Serbians do, between their sense of pragmatism and their sense of nationalism?’
    • ‘Without government funds to rebuild all the devastation, Serbians are constantly reminded of what they underwent on the brink of the new millennium.’
    • ‘The inexpensive bus rides will take Serbians to other parts of Kosovo for the day as a way to reassure them they are can move safely throughout the country.’


  • Relating to Serbia, the Serbs, or their language.

    ‘Finally, it has been acknowledged that this problem must be immediately addressed - either weeks of Serbian pleas have finally gotten through, or press coverage is getting more intense.’
    • ‘The highway will stretch for 107 km on Serbian territory, starting from Nis, passing by Klisura and through Bela Palanka and reaching the Bulgarian border via Pirot.’
    • ‘The third and final day, Sunday, will focus on Serbian films, including the masterpiece ‘No Man's Land,’ as well as Algerian films.’
    • ‘And here and there I stole some Serbian beans, meatballs filled with cheese and some Arabian bread.’
    • ‘Bulgaria at the time made efforts to avoid Serbian intervention.’
    • ‘Romanian cooking has Hungarian, Serbian, Turkish, and Russian influences.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, there continue to be violent deaths, both Albanian and Serbian.’
    • ‘I have a Muslim name, but my grandfather was Serbian.’
    • ‘I remember when I was invited by some Serbian police inspectors to discuss my faith.’
    • ‘My father's apartment's floor shook from the close-hitting bombs, and my brother was hiding from the draft somewhere deep in the east Serbian mountains.’
    • ‘‘My Serbian uncle has cut my hand,’ came the response.’
    • ‘At the same time, some investors are taking a closer look at Serbian equities.’
    • ‘Indeed, several high officials in the new Serbian government have spoken out in favor of such cooperation.’
    • ‘A group of Bosnian soldiers are attacked by a group of Serbs, and two of them wind up in a nearby trench between Serbian and Bosnian lines.’
    • ‘But although the Austro-Hungarians claimed Bosnia as their own, there were claims from Serbian neighbours that the principality was Serbian territory.’
    • ‘The limited exchange that followed gave some insight into how militant Serbian and Albanian nationalism emerged as two sides of the same process of social and economic disintegration in Yugoslavia.’
    • ‘There are shrines in Kosovo built in the thirteenth century central to Serbian identity.’
    • ‘The traditions of the schools have left their traces not only in Bulgarian, but also in Serbian, Romanian and Russian medieval literature.’
    • ‘The menu, written in both Bulgarian and English, is a tour of Greek, Serbian, Italian, and Bulgarian cuisine, albeit a pricier tour than usual.’