Meaning of serial monogamy in English:

serial monogamy


mass noun
  • The practice of engaging in a succession of monogamous sexual relationships.

    • ‘Ms. McGarvie goes even further, calling serial monogamy dangerous.’
    • ‘The decline in traditional morality has contributed to serial monogamy in a variety of ways.’
    • ‘To the contrary, they're most likely the result of serial monogamy within small social circles where HIV is already present.’
    • ‘I don't really see why serial monogamy should seem to be the only way to solve the problems of monogamy.’
    • ‘Today, serial monogamy has stretched the extended family to the breaking point.’
    • ‘Some women practice serial monogamy; it is more common for men to have several partners simultaneously.’
    • ‘Polygamy illegal in North America and Western Europe but serial monogamy occurs’
    • ‘I have to say that this issue is another very good reason as to why I have taken the long road to serial monogamy.’
    • ‘What pleasure would a polyamorist find if restricted to monogamy or serial monogamy?’
    • ‘Feminism has also contributed to the rise of serial monogamy, although observers disagree on how.’
    • ‘Serial monogamy can produce a kind of two- or three-tiered family with biological and step-children joining and departing along the way.’
    • ‘Serial monogamy has important reproductive consequences for men but not women.’
    • ‘Serial monogamy is a common marriage pattern and polygyny is practised by a few.’
    • ‘This is the classic portrait of serial monogamy: relationships that are exclusive, but impermanent, following one upon the other.’
    • ‘These days, polygyny is achieved in Western culture through serial monogamy.’
    • ‘In general, the relationships of young people in Ndola can be characterised as a casual form of serial monogamy.’
    • ‘Along with New York, London is the world capital of what has come to be known as serial monogamy.’
    • ‘To paraphrase Voltaire's quip, the state-sanctioned serial monogamy license some folks are at the barricades to defend is neither traditional nor definitive nor a marriage.’
    • ‘This prediction is consistent with the actual rise of casual cohabitation and of sexual contacts devoid of preconditions, as well as increased divorce and serial monogamy.’
    • ‘The situation of some people who had engaged in "serial monogamy and serial divorce" was extremely complex, he said.’