Meaning of seriema in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛrɪˈiːmə/


(also cariama)
  • A large ground-dwelling South American bird related to the bustards, with a long neck and legs and a crest above the bill.

    Family Cariamidae: two genera and species

    ‘There are trumpeters, cariamas, and the limpkin in South America; sungrebes in South America, Africa, and southeastern Asia; and mesites on Madagascar.’
    • ‘Another clue comes from the predatory habits of the closest living relatives of terror birds - seriema.’
    • ‘And indeed, today's two species of seriema in southern South America appear to be derived from Pleistocene fossil birds which were once giant, flightless predators (known as phorusrhacoids) of now-extinct fauna.’


Mid 17th century modern Latin, via Portuguese seriema, siriema, from Tupi sari'ama, from sari ‘crested’.