Meaning of serigraphy in English:


Pronunciation /sɛˈrɪɡrəfi/


mainly North American

See serigraph

‘The company also provides printing services for myriad art-printing needs, including promotional items and art books; serigraphy and giclée printing for limited-edition prints; and high-resolution scanning services.’
  • ‘Its primary goal is to educate collectors and the general public about effort-intensive, hands-on printmaking techniques, such as intaglio, relief, stone lithography, serigraphy and monotype.’
  • ‘Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg and, most especially, Warhol rose to greatness through their mastery of serigraphy.’
  • ‘Such prints are made by the artist in small, limited editions via time-consuming, hands-on processes such as etching, stone lithography and serigraphy.’
  • ‘A contemporary point of view favoring a single technique, serigraphy, is adapted to their objective: to contribute a vision of the future made up of combustible fragments of the present.’