Meaning of seropositivity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɪərəˌpɒzəˈtɪvəti/



See seropositive

‘Individuals with hepatitis A seropositivity were not significantly different from those without such seropositivity with respect to frequency of daily exposure, wounds, use of protective equipment, or smoking status.’
  • ‘However, in the chronic stage the circulating level of trypomastigotes is too low to be detected and therefore seropositivity is used as evidence of infection.’
  • ‘The seropositivity for these viral markers was evaluated in 400 haemophilics in a 5-year survey starting from 1995.’
  • ‘Of the 1,995 HIV-infected patients eligible for the study, 873 had hepatitis C seropositivity.’
  • ‘Collection of the control group was essential for the evaluation of seropositivity among the general female population.’