Meaning of serum hepatitis in English:

serum hepatitis


mass noun
  • A viral form of hepatitis transmitted through infected blood products, causing fever, debility, and jaundice.

    ‘Instances of less deadly diseases like serum hepatitis acquired through blood transfusion are unfortunately not recorded as accurately as those of HIV, but that does not mean it is not happening.’
    • ‘Collaboration between Commonwealth and American scientists also proved successful in the investigation of the cause and spread of serum hepatitis which came to be distinguished from the ‘infective’ form of the disease.’
    • ‘It has been well proved that serum hepatitis can also be transmitted by the orofaecal route and hepatitis A infection by transfusion.’
    • ‘Serum hepatitis can be spread by punctures of the tissue with needles and dental scalers that have come in contact with contaminated blood or serum.’