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Pronunciation /səːv/

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[with object]
  • 1Perform duties or services for (another person or an organization)

    ‘Malcolm has served the church very faithfully’
    • ‘You are out there supporting and serving your professional organization.’
    • ‘He served these organizations for some 23 years till his retirement in March 1996.’
    • ‘I will continue to serve this organization with all my energy, wisdom, and passion as I have done in the past.’
    • ‘For now, she continues with her ministerial duties, serving the church she sees as part of her family.’
    • ‘Further, he was a career professional, dedicated to serving Johnson.’
    • ‘And even though I was young I had already pledged my life to serving that woman, my duty was complete obedience to her.’
    • ‘The tale takes place 500 years ago and begins in the house of a Novgorod merchant, where horseman Antti and his wife Anne are serving their master.’
    • ‘The girl grew up to be a well-behaved young lady, and when she was old enough, she served her father with all her heart and soul.’
    • ‘It's bad enough that they spend their lives serving us, but now, they have to die at our bidding, too?’
    • ‘Advisory Editors currently serving on the board are listed on the masthead.’
    • ‘And he even once served on the board of the New York Stock Exchange.’
    • ‘I once served on a social committee and it was always hard organising things to make people happy.’
    • ‘Recently a priest who had served for years as an official in the chancery office was ordained an auxiliary bishop.’
    • ‘He has served with distinction for some years as the head of the Federal Reserve.’
    • ‘Ever since then he has served the group in various capacities.’
    • ‘He had previously served the club as a goalkeeper and then centre forward for ten years.’
    work for, be in the service of, perform duties for, be employed by, have a job with
    be of service to, be of use to, help, give help to, assist, give assistance to, aid, lend a hand to, give a helping hand to, do a good turn to, make a contribution to, do one's bit for, do something for, benefit
    be a member of, work on, be on, sit on, have a place on, hold a place on, perform duties on, carry out duties on
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    1. 1.1Provide (an area or group of people) with a product or service.
      ‘a hospital which serves a large area of Wales’
      • ‘The basic initial idea is to have small buses, serving local areas providing daytime services to those most needing them.’
      • ‘Would it be better to have a team of priests in a central house serving a group of parishes?’
      • ‘As a market hall serving a bustling group of traders and agricultural merchants, it must have been perfect for the job.’
      • ‘They have provided and maintained a fleet of 160 ambulances that serve remote areas of the Chernobyl region.’
      • ‘If you value the land-grant tradition, and we do, we know we need to serve that group of consumers.’
      • ‘Paddy employees over 30 people from the local area and with their expertise, they serve sites all over Ireland.’
      • ‘Different laboratory test menus may be needed in different locales to properly serve the ethnic groups in the community.’
      • ‘We wanted something that would serve every age group.’
      • ‘Are there agencies in the community that also serve complementary groups?’
      • ‘These managers are starting to look at how much it will cost to serve a group of farmers.’
      • ‘He said the system had functioned well in the past and did not serve any specific group.’
      • ‘This scheme serves an area which stretches to a radius of 10 miles outside Claremorris.’
      • ‘The Barbican is the only pool on the south side of York that is within walking distance of the city centre and Yearsley serves a wide area.’
      • ‘Its retail sector serves an area that extends for miles on either side of the Strait.’
      • ‘The chosen route linked central London to Docklands by heading south of the Thames into areas previously poorly served by underground services.’
      • ‘They compared the locations with the current spread of population and realised that some areas were not served as well as they should be.’
      • ‘The area is currently served by 28 branches which, according to company bosses, is too many to survive.’
      • ‘The area is served by 28 branches which, according to the company, is too many chasing too few customers.’
      • ‘Besides Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the area is served by airports in Macao and Zhuhai.’
      • ‘The firm, which has a network of branches in the area served by the hospice, is paying for a crucial element of the appeal.’
      serve, provide for, oblige, meet the needs of, meet the wants of, accommodate, entertain, receive
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    2. 1.2no object Be employed as a member of the armed forces.
      ‘he had hoped to serve with the Medical Corps’
      • ‘He passed this pride on to his children who he encouraged to serve in the Armed Forces.’
      • ‘During his career he served mostly with Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets.’
      • ‘You would be proud of the Soldiers serving in the Army.’
      • ‘Members of the military who are serving outside the USA or Puerto Rico, but who aren't in a combat zone, have until June 15 to file their taxes.’
      • ‘But each time, your employer supported you and made it easy for you to serve in the Army Reserve.’
      • ‘For these reasons, youth are less and less inclined to serve in the military.’
      • ‘There is a widening difference in values and perspectives between Americans serving in our armed forces, including the Army, and the society they serve.’
      • ‘He left the Army in 1945 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, having served with the Infantry, Engineers and Gunners.’
      • ‘I'm a former enlisted sailor serving with the U.S. Army.’
      • ‘She's also serving with the Army Reserve's 444th Quartermaster Company in Sioux City.’
      • ‘He has previous military experience, having served with the French Foreign Legion.’
      • ‘Gay men and lesbian women have served honorably in the military since our founding.’
      • ‘Some 15,904 African-American officers are now serving in the military.’
      • ‘Both men served honorably in the armed forces during World War II.’
      • ‘A young New Zealand soldier serving overseas writes to his family.’
      • ‘They should be standard issue for all of our troops serving overseas.’
      • ‘While men remain the majority in the military, women too are serving with distinction.’
      • ‘He served with distinction in the Mexican war and was promoted captain in 1856.’
      • ‘He served in the army for two years before joining his father in practice.’
      • ‘They served in the armies of France and Spain as well as of Britain.’
    3. 1.3Spend (a period) in office, in an apprenticeship, or in prison.
      ‘he is serving a ten-year jail sentence’
      • ‘He is still liable to serve ten years in prison for traces of heroin in a needle found at his house.’
      • ‘And after serving a prison term for committing a financial crime, he convinced the prison librarian to move with him to his hometown.’
      • ‘These resisters are arrested, tried, and often sentenced to serve long terms in prison and jail.’
      • ‘He served a year in prison - including eight months in solitary confinement.’
      • ‘He served two terms in prison last year, for dangerous driving and then for breaking a curfew order.’
      • ‘He is now out of prison, having served three years.’
      • ‘However, I felt that serving a prison term was better than living with him and the abuse.’
      • ‘He was sentenced to five years and six months jail, and he served three years and nine months.’
      • ‘He will serve three years in prison, with a further five under strict supervision to ensure he does not re-offend following his release.’
      • ‘They spoke openly about their prognosis when they realised they would have to serve eight months in prison.’
      • ‘He was told he must serve three-and-a-half years in prison before his case is considered for parole.’
      • ‘She has, however, continued to hold the powerful office and is now serving a second term that will run till December 2005.’
      • ‘‘All the funds are available and now it is up to her to volunteer them, or serve another year in prison,’ he said.’
      • ‘If he is recalled to prison he will inevitably serve a greater period in custody than the original tariff.’
      • ‘By then he was serving another prison term for snatching a bag from another woman.’
      • ‘She was appealing against the sentence after magistrates ordered her to serve one day in prison for the theft and then complete the rest of her sentence for robbery.’
      • ‘Some of those sentenced to home detention would have been serving short periods of imprisonment for less serious offences.’
      • ‘He has had a number of brushes with the law over the years and has also served custodial sentences.’
      • ‘He is currently serving a prison sentence for his role in the embassy bombings.’
      • ‘He retired from the Army in 1977 after serving 20 years on active duty.’
      carry out, perform, do, fulfil, complete, discharge
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  • 2Present (food or drink) to someone.

    ‘they serve wine instead of beer’
    • ‘serve white wines chilled’
    • ‘Isabelle received a cup of wine from a man serving drinks.’
    • ‘The working committee thank all who came and those who prepared the food and served the tea.’
    • ‘There are countless jobs and professions that are far more dangerous than serving food or drink in the presence of secondhand smoke.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, back in the wine bar, the barman returned and served our drinks.’
    • ‘I like to serve this dessert in individual glasses - wine glasses or tumblers are equally good.’
    • ‘We'd stopped, when the waitress came to serve our pizza and drinks.’
    • ‘They went to the kitchens, and found the kitchen workers ready to serve cookies and drinks on the spot.’
    • ‘Refreshments were served and to mark the occasion certificates were presented to all the children who took part.’
    • ‘Once they had settled, and he had served the food and drink, Lauren stood up.’
    • ‘The third supervises the tavern and the food and drink being served by her husbands.’
    • ‘That evening they served food and drinks to the guest of Master Shay.’
    • ‘It was mayhem, fuelled by bar staff and a pub industry all too willing to serve drink after drink after drink.’
    • ‘There were plenty of mushrooms and the dish was also served with potatoes, broccoli and carrots.’
    • ‘Refreshments were served afterwards which included various types of drinks and edibles.’
    • ‘There's a four-course meal served by waiters.’
    • ‘Refreshments were served afterwards by the female staff.’
    • ‘The meeting finished with a social half hour and some tasty refreshments served by hostesses for the evening.’
    • ‘The meals are typically served with salads, rice and other side orders.’
    • ‘The meal was served with a large side salad and baked potatoes with sour cream.’
    • ‘Wherever possible, ask that hot food is served piping hot and ensure that cold food has been kept cool.’
    dish out, dish up, give out, distribute, set out, plate up, spoon out, ladle out
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    1. 2.1Present (someone) with food or drink.
      ‘the cafe refused to serve him with the tea’
      • ‘Peter served them generous portions of soup’
      • ‘It is also customary to serve people food and drink when they visit a home.’
      • ‘A group of women were surrounding him, serving him food and drinks.’
      • ‘The guy waited till he had served me the drinks, told me it was fine to run up a tab, took my credit card, and then told me that the kitchen wasn't opening for another forty minutes.’
      • ‘We were the first guests of the afternoon and after a long wait they served us our food.’
      • ‘His eyes were following Michelle was she moved around the café taking orders and serving people their food.’
      • ‘There were two dives that day but first we were served up a great lunch, and I have to say it was some of the best food I have had in a long time.’
      • ‘I've also noticed, no matter how hard I try, I can't smile at fast food staff when they serve me.’
      • ‘I was served a very generous portion and it was delicious.’
      • ‘While most people find themselves doing fabulous things on Friday nights, I find myself either serving people food or buying it for myself.’
      • ‘You don't have to eye up drinks I serve you suspiciously.’
      • ‘I find it very comforting to know that the owners feed their children the same food that they serve me.’
      • ‘We ordered coffee after a long journey to be told if we weren't lunching they wouldn't serve us drinks.’
      • ‘There used to be a young man there who would greet me with a welcoming smile and serve me the food efficiently.’
      • ‘And after serving him his food, he made me sit down and talk with him about all these philosophical ideas: love, life, and the works.’
      • ‘Michael had served me a drink, but I had just let it sat on a nearby table.’
      • ‘She not only insulted me when I served her a drink, but she scared me halfway out of my mind.’
      • ‘The distributor told us to eat all our meals at the hotel restaurant because they could serve us Western-style food.’
      • ‘The slave was being taken from fire to fire to serve the men their food.’
      • ‘After about ten minutes he was served the wrong drinks.’
      • ‘As the barman finished serving the group he acknowledged me.’
      act as waiter, act as waitress, wait, distribute food, distribute refreshments
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    2. 2.2(of food or drink) be enough for.
      ‘the recipe serves four people’
      • ‘This recipe makes enough to serve four as a main course, more as a side dish.’
      • ‘Thai food is significantly less meat-intensive than American, and half a pound of meat is enough to serve four.’
    3. 2.3mainly British Attend to (a customer in a shop)
      ‘she turned to serve the impatient customer’
      • ‘Called Serenade, the Victoria Road shop was serving its first customers today.’
      • ‘The shop served its last customers on Friday after being based on Newmarket Street for more than 17 years.’
      • ‘Mark, Andrew and Esther were in the shop front, serving customers.’
      • ‘Sofi finished serving her customer and asked one of her shop assistant to take over.’
      • ‘Shop managers cannot do anything because they are serving a queue of customers.’
      • ‘Also I think it is so rude to be in a shop and being served whilst having a chat on the phone.’
      • ‘Mary didn't say anything more, she finally forced the smile her face had been promising and then went back to serving the other customers.’
      • ‘It was the husband of the woman who had served Freya in the shop.’
      • ‘The story begins with Bruno the Bear, the proud owner of a sweet shop, serving Olga, the Russian owner of an animal circus.’
      • ‘She took it without hesitation and wandered off to serve the other customers.’
      • ‘Among Mike's duties yesterday were serving customers, tidying up and putting security tags on items of clothing.’
      attend to, give one's attention to, attend to the requirements of, deal with, see to
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    4. 2.4Supply (goods) to a customer.
    5. 2.5Christian Church no object Act as a server at the celebration of the Eucharist.
    6. 2.6 archaic with two objects Play (a trick) on (someone)
      • ‘I remember the trick you served me’
  • 3Law
    Deliver (a document such as a summons or writ) in a formal manner to the person to whom it is addressed.

    ‘he said his lawyer would serve a writ to the multinational corporation within a week’
    • ‘the court then issues the summons and serves it on your debtor’
    • ‘Writs were served on 30 councillors, who were jailed for their pains in September 1921.’
    • ‘He said the minister would be seeking quashing of the arrest warrant against him on the ground that no summons were served on him.’
    • ‘Empanelling a grand jury empowers prosecutors both to serve subpoenas, and to gather testimony under oath.’
    • ‘Enforcement notices are only served as a last resort, when all efforts to negotiate have failed.’
    • ‘The prisoner had already served notice of application to appeal to the final court.’
    1. 3.1Deliver a document to (the addressee) in a formal manner.
      ‘they were just about to serve him with a writ’
      • ‘when they served her a writ, she lit the fire with it’
      • ‘While defendant was in custody awaiting an extradition hearing he was served with the Complaint herein.’
      • ‘When the breath tests were completed, he was served with the appropriate documentation and released on a promise to appear.’
      • ‘As a consequence, the police were unable to locate him to serve him with a subpoena.’
      • ‘He was then served with an appropriate prosecution statement and ordered to respond by 7th September.’
      • ‘We understand you were served with documents from the defense.’
      deliver to, present with, give to, hand over to, cause to accept
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  • 4Be of use in achieving or satisfying.

    ‘this book will serve a useful purpose’
    • ‘the union came into existence to serve the interests of musicians’
    • ‘Also, officers have the added functions of setting goals and inspiring others to achieve them to serve this purpose.’
    • ‘They do not satisfy hunger and serve no purpose other than to make the companies that make them wealthy.’
    • ‘I don't think he serves any useful purpose for the Democrats.’
    • ‘It serves no other useful purpose than to inspire and feed the soul.’
    • ‘What useful purpose is served by stigmatizing work that someone is going to have to do anyway?’
    • ‘Any such individual action would be irresponsible and unwarranted and would serve no useful purpose.’
    • ‘Dropping down into the second team would serve no useful purpose.’
    • ‘A price war, he warns his prospective rivals, will serve neither party's interests.’
    • ‘The very existence of law on the statute books serves the purpose.’
    • ‘Even if debunked, the book serves a valuable purpose by encouraging new ways of thinking about intelligence and efforts to build intelligent computers.’
    • ‘I am not convinced that any especially useful purpose would be served by that.’
    • ‘In essence, the board of directors tries to make sure that shareholders' interests are well served.’
    • ‘Indeed, they may tend to serve this function even better than traditional media.’
    • ‘His selective memory serves no interest but his own agenda.’
    • ‘The proposed lake, which has caused some concern locally in case it affects underground water supplies, will serve three purposes.’
    • ‘The goal was the worthy one of racial integration, but it was served by treating children differently based on their race.’
    • ‘It points to a post-medical age, where doctors serve desires rather than treat disease.’
    • ‘It does serve his political strategy to stay away from the facts.’
    • ‘Organizational culture establishes norms and expectations of how people should be treated and serve the needs of the organization.’
    • ‘Laser shots and explosions are fairly generic but serve the purpose well.’
    suffice, be adequate, be good enough, be all right, fill the bill, fit the bill, do, answer
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    1. 4.1no object Be of some specified use.
      ‘the square now serves as the town's chief car park’
      • ‘sweat serves to cool down the body’
      • ‘A sheet of red outdoor fabric serves as the roof.’
      • ‘Elastomer and fabric device serves as both a seal and a filter.’
      • ‘However, it just so happens that a human being standing on the ground near the object serves as a perfectly good conductor as well.’
      • ‘That's why an old photograph taped to the refrigerator door serves as a daily reminder of the girl she once was.’
      • ‘A weblog serves as a perfect tool for disseminating this type of information.’
      • ‘The president serves as the soul of a university, with his/her personality, morality and educational ideas usually having a profound influence on the university culture.’
      • ‘But the case serves as a warning that the industry will have to find a new way of distributing music which appeals to these kids, and the growing number of people who are searching for their entertainment online.’
      • ‘This kind of reasoning is, of course, nonsense, but it serves as an illustration of the danger in concocting fanciful theories based on historical precedents.’
      • ‘The exercise not only serves as warning, punishment, or purge but also advertises to his subjects, his enemies, and his potential rivals that he is strong.’
      • ‘The photographic imprint serves as a substitute.’
      • ‘A salvaged piece of marble serves as the countertop.’
      • ‘Armstrong serves as an inspiration to many and is clearly one of the most significant contributors to black culture of the 20th, and perhaps any, century.’
      • ‘It's almost like a superhero film, with magic tricks serving as Danny's powers, helping him solve any sticky situation.’
      • ‘History will serve only to remind us that man's reach always exceeds his grasp.’
      • ‘Though certainly these later developments served to reinforce and spread the use of such techniques.’
      • ‘Having students present the same material during lab served to reinforce their knowledge.’
      • ‘The whole episode has already served to highlight a number of important economic issues.’
      • ‘The above examples serve to underline how limited our philosophy of health has become.’
      • ‘All of this served to underline the dangers, as much as the benefits, of nationalism.’
      • ‘First and primarily, military advice serves to set a baseline for the analysis of any proposed intervention.’
      act as, function as, fulfil the function of, do duty as, do the work of, act as a substitute for
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    2. 4.2with object and adverbial Treat (someone) in a specified way.
      ‘Cornish homeowners wonder if they are being fairly served’
      • ‘Facts that did not serve him were treated like unruly underlings.’
      • ‘Which are you - do you take the plunge, or do you play it safe, and does your strategy serve you well?’
      • ‘The strategy of deterrence which served us so well during the decades of the Cold War will no longer do.’
      • ‘A strategy that has served me well is to pack lightweight, situation-specific bags and boxes.’
      • ‘He maintained the risk-free strategy that has served him so well in recent rallies.’
      • ‘A positive attitude toward others is a strategy that serves you throughout any interaction.’
      • ‘On three occasions, this strategy has served him well, but his dog funds show the downside of this approach.’
      • ‘I can't deny that this strategy has served me well in the short term.’
      • ‘It has served Private Eye fairly well over the years.’
      • ‘He identifies the televevangelist model of religious dissemination as one aspect in a wider media strategy that serves the power holders and encourages passivity in people.’
      • ‘For millions of years, while big sharks had few natural predators, this survival strategy served them well.’
      • ‘A second bird dislocated a shoulder and his wing would never be strong enough to serve him in the wild.’
      • ‘I certainly anticipate that the hummingbird will serve them well for many years to come.’
      • ‘They've been busy painting, drawing comics and playing in side projects, and the breather has served them well.’
      treat, deal with, act towards, behave towards, conduct oneself towards, handle
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    3. 4.3(of a male breeding animal) copulate with (a female).
  • 5no object (in tennis and other racket sports) hit the ball or shuttlecock to begin play for each point of a game.

    ‘he tossed the ball up to serve’
    • ‘serve the ball on to the front wall’
    • ‘Everyone fell silent though when the prince raised his racket and ball to serve.’
    • ‘The players exchange words at the beginning of the game as Scott accuses his opponent of failing to tell him he was serving with new balls in the previous game.’
    • ‘Before serving in the final game, Pierce had a trainer apply treatment and massage her aching shoulder.’
    • ‘He got the message, gave Gracie and me a salute, and ran back to his game, serving the ball and acing it.’
    • ‘Taking a deep breath, I took my stance, and served that fuzzy yellow ball with all my might.’
  • 6Nautical
    Bind (a rope) with thin cord to protect or strengthen it.

  • 7Military
    Operate (a gun)

    ‘before long Lodge was the only man in his section able to serve the guns’
    • ‘It was even said that she carried hot coffee to all the officers and then carried more hot coffee in pails to the artilleryman serving the guns.’


  • 1(in tennis and other racket sports) an act of hitting the ball or shuttlecock to start play.

    ‘he was let down by an erratic serve’
    • ‘In pro tennis serves can sometimes reach speeds over 209 kph, or 185 feet per second.’
    • ‘With the big serves in today's tennis, I'm not sure this match will ever be equalled.’
    • ‘In fact, he conceded only 12 points on his serve in nine service games.’
    • ‘Rafter chipped and charged on Agassi's second serves.’
    • ‘He could hardly get a serve into court, seemed too tall and cumbersome to move well or bend, and looked thoroughly outclassed.’
  • 2Australian informal A reprimand.

    • ‘he would be willing to give the country a serve in an English newspaper’
    • ‘He suddenly turned holier-than-thou to give them a serve.’
    • ‘Be grateful that you only got a bit of a serve from your boss rather than no pay at the end of the week.’
    • ‘The opposition parties pressed their advantages home and gave Labour a strong serve in Parliament.’
    • ‘In March this year she gave him a serve in her media column.’
    • ‘But that doesn't mean that company X isn't going to get a serve on customer service, or the lack of.’
    reprimand, rebuke, reproof, remonstrance, reproach, admonishment, stricture, lecture, criticism, recrimination, tirade, diatribe, philippic, harangue, attack
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    if my memory serves me
    • If I remember correctly.

      ‘if my memory serves me, this is not the first time’
      • ‘Recently I recall a player going to the courts to seek justice for a severe injury (a broken jaw if my memory serves me correctly) he received in a Gaelic football match.’
      • ‘At 62 she rarely betrayed her age and, if my memory serves me correctly, she performed a number of encores to thank the very enthusiastic audience.’
      • ‘It was passed by State Parliament and if my memory serves me correctly the coalition opposition supported the bill.’
      • ‘And if my memory serves me correctly the girls who work there are little angels.’
      • ‘I think you were allowed seven minutes if my memory serves me correctly.’
    serve at table
    • Serve people with food or drink.

      ‘French waiters are highly trained in the art of serving at table, but sometimes customers would happily settle for less expertise - if only there were more of them so that they didn't have to wait so long to be served.’
      • ‘He was not a factor but ‘was employed as a footman in livery and served at table and occasionally dressed and took care of his Masters Horses.’’
      • ‘They were served at table by a disciplined army of girls.’
      • ‘Apart from serving at table he listened sympathetically to their life-stories, encouraged them and praised their endeavours.’
      • ‘One day while serving at table he was reprimanded for not paying attention to his duties.’
    serve one's time
    • 1Hold office for the normal period.

      ‘every sergeant had served his time as a constable’
      • ‘If he is not in death row and he's serving out his time in a maximum-security prison, he will be afforded special treatment, if you will.’
      • ‘There are new questions about the military's policy for calling up troops who have already served their time.’
      • ‘If he really served his time in the National Guard during the Vietnam War, he could easily prove it.’
      • ‘These individuals, after they serve their time in the states, will be deported, and one of our goals is to make sure that when they're deported, they don't come back.’
      • ‘He was appointed to the post of county manager after serving his time as county engineer in Donegal.’
      1. 1.1Spend time in office, in an apprenticeship, or in prison.
        ‘he is serving time in Swansea Prison’
        • ‘You will never see me on the front lines - I am in complete moral opposition to war, and would rather serve time in prison than spend time with a rifle.’
        • ‘They were sentenced to 15 months, but given a suspended sentence, which means they didn't have to serve time in prison.’
        • ‘They finally tracked him down to an English prison where he was serving time for a similar crime but under a false name.’
        • ‘He says he robbed banks and served time in prison.’
        • ‘Most of the former soldiers have already served time in Soviet prisons for war crimes.’
    serve one's/its turn
    • Be useful or helpful.

      ‘now that they have served their turn, cut some of them out’
      • ‘suppressing his ire would hardly serve his turn at this juncture’
      • ‘The charges against her were preposterous and she denied them with dignity, but she had never been popular and they served their turn.’
      • ‘History throws individuals away once they have served their turn.’
      • ‘His stupidity served his turn on this occasion better than cunning would have done.’
      • ‘‘Then I'll look up; my fault is past,’ he took a steadying breath, ‘But, O, what form of prayer can serve my turn?’’
      • ‘It also confined him as a novelist to a style and mode of fiction that served its turn, but now seems embedded as a ‘cultural event’, as some like to say, as much as work we read because we like fiction.’
      • ‘If the play makes the public aware that there are such people as phoneticians, and that they are among its most important people in England at present, it will serve its turn.’
      • ‘His section is the most aristocratic of the parties at present, and I doubt if it would serve my turn to follow his example.’
      • ‘If I could only get a single good, meaty sentence which seemed to convey some sort of definite human idea, it would serve my turn.’
    serve someone right
    • Be someone's deserved punishment or misfortune.

      ‘it would serve you right if Jeff walked out on you’
      • ‘If you're dumb enough to walk into a sign it serves you right, you do not deserve money.’
      • ‘I had a head under the covers morning, following on and serving me right for my festive over-indulgence at dinner last night.’
      • ‘It serves them right for charging a ridiculous amount to park and for not ensuring the safety of our cars.’
      • ‘Their scheming, however, will backfire when they find themselves sidelined and excluded from any future debates on major world affairs and might I say - it serves them right!’
      • ‘I mean, it serves them right for including such a confusing item on their checklist, right?’
      • ‘Ah well… serves me right for trying to have a social life, right?’
      • ‘He was correct as usual, and it basically served me right.’
      • ‘Instead, he told me it served me right for looking to a place like that for self-affirmation.’
      • ‘Yes I know it would serve us right for our wastefulness and greed and selfishness and indifference to the lives of millions of people on this planet who have never enjoyed what we take for granted.’
      • ‘It would serve them right if they were shut down as a result of the same disregard for public opinion and democracy.’
    serve two masters
    • Take orders from two superiors or follow two conflicting or opposing principles or policies at the same time.

      ‘it is never easy to serve two masters’
      • ‘But that's exactly what's happening because of a gargantuan conflict of interest: The giant mutual funds are serving two masters.’
      • ‘It is law layered with politics, which, as a lawyer, I can tell you is the worst kind of fact situation you can find, because you end up serving two masters and it's almost an impossible situation.’
      • ‘You have to serve two masters: the president of the United States, and you also try to help the Washington press corps do its job.’
      • ‘A man cannot serve two masters - eventually, you will be forced to choose.’
      • ‘This arrogant contempt for our local town and parish councils by Bradford shows that you cannot serve two masters.’
      • ‘She added that psychiatrists can end up serving two masters when they get into the position of being an administrator rather than a clinician, and a choice has to be made.’
      • ‘And it was not working, this attempt to serve two masters.’
      • ‘That means he must serve two masters - company shareholders and fund investors - whose interests may not always be in sync.’
      • ‘Instead, they create this shared management - and no man can serve two masters happily - across all of New Zealand potentially.’
      • ‘If other parties do not want to be stained by the suggestion that they serve two masters, I suggest that they should move amendments to exempt themselves.’


      With biblical allusion to Matt. 6:24.

Phrasal Verbs

    serve out
    • Win the final game of a set or match while serving.

      ‘Fitzgerald then served out for the set’
      • ‘she served out to close the match’
    serve up
    • 1serve something up, serve up somethingPresent food or drink to someone.

      ‘a new chain is serving up bowls of Scotland's traditional breakfast cereal’
      • ‘guess what we're serving up at Thanksgiving dinner!’
      1. 1.1Present or offer something.
        ‘although you serve up plenty of black humour, your work also strikes me as optimistic’
        • ‘the program serves up ads and spies on your online activity’


Middle English from Old French servir, from Latin servire, from servus ‘slave’.