Meaning of serve-and-volley in English:



  • Denoting a style of play in which the server moves close to the net after serving, ready to play an attacking volley off the service return.

    ‘But the five-time Wimbledon champion, in reality, was a natural baseliner who consciously adapted to the serve-and-volley style to win on grass.’
    • ‘He played a masterful grass-court match against Agassi, mixing his acrobatic serve-and-volley game with off-speed shots.’
    • ‘But newer rackets have given enough of an advantage to the return of serve that virtually no one plays the serve-and-volley game anymore.’
    • ‘One of the saddest inevitabilities in tennis is that in a few years, coaches will look at tapes of this pure and agile serve-and-volley player and realise they've made such an art extinct.’
    • ‘Her serve-and-volley game made an immediate impression.’