Meaning of servery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsəːv(ə)ri/

nounplural noun serveries

  • A counter, service hatch, or room from which meals are served.

    ‘both bars are serviced by a central servery’
    • ‘servery counters’
    • ‘Away from the servery, a small counter enables you to customise your cup with nutmeg, chocolate or vanilla.’
    • ‘This would provide two new meeting rooms, new toilets, kitchens, a servery, storage areas, a reception foyer and small bar.’
    • ‘There is also room for six people at one end of the servery.’
    • ‘We ordered at the servery and while awaiting our meal viewed the tranquil scene.’
    • ‘On the ground floor is a saloon bar with a food servery, kitchen and customer toilets.’
    • ‘While at the servery, I selected a ham roll which I took with me to our table.’
    • ‘Making a further visit to the servery Ann selected a piece of lemon cream roulade.’
    • ‘This is an L-shaped restaurant with a servery at one end.’
    • ‘Moving through the smoking section, we reached the servery.’
    • ‘The food all looked very nice when we inspected the servery.’
    • ‘Although each table has its own menu, it is worthwhile taking a look at the food displayed at the servery before making a final choice.’
    • ‘Ann returned to the servery to select the desserts; a coconut tart for herself and an individual Bakewell for me.’
    • ‘I paid and then moved past the servery to collect appropriate cutlery.’
    • ‘Available sandwiches and cakes are attractively displayed at the servery.’
    • ‘While I sat and contemplated the menu, Ann and her cousin went to the servery.’
    • ‘There was a warning at the servery that there would be a delay because all orders were freshly prepared.’
    • ‘The ribs pass beneath the level of the floor, into a glazed pit emerging to form the bar separating the servery from the public space of the cafe.’
    • ‘The kitchen entrance acted as both servery and the way to an inside room.’
    • ‘The ground floor also contains a common room, servery, kitchen, meeting rooms and offices.’
    • ‘The shiny wooden floor, smart servery and coloured drapes masking the old roof lights all make for an attractive, modern appearance.’