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service area


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  • 1British A roadside area where services are available to motorists.

    ‘Work on the new service area is due to start in May, and is due for completion next January.’
    • ‘So he picked up the tools, left the service area, and completed the repairs himself.’
    • ‘Temporary facilities have been in place since the former service area was wrecked in a fierce fire last October.’
    • ‘He offered to take her for a meal and drove to a service area off John William Street behind Eccles shopping precinct.’
    • ‘Travellers on the M4 will be relieved to know that the service area at Leigh Delamare has again won a top accolade for its toilets.’
    • ‘A car crossing the westbound carriageway to get to a service area after passing through the gap in the central reservation was struck by a coach.’
    • ‘But its scheme would also see access to the service area switched to a rear link road replacing the existing direct access from the A64.’
    • ‘Which is the best service area on the M1 for children?’
    • ‘Judges, who paid a secret visit to the service area, were so impressed with the standards of cleanliness and hygiene they found, they gave the toilets a five-star award.’
    • ‘The officer, who has not been named, was taken to York District Hospital with a broken wrist and cracked ribs after the crash on the westbound carriageway at the service area at Bilbrough Top last night.’
    • ‘The two men - one carrying a handgun and a hammer and the other a knife - walked into the service area beside the northbound carriageway of the A19 at Ingleby Arncliffe at 8.40 pm on Sunday.’
    • ‘The area will also become a stopping-off site, rather like a motorway service area, for birds moving across the country between East Anglia and the North West of England.’
    • ‘The AA breakdown vehicle arrived promptly but, instead of taking the car to a local garage, it took Mrs Haworth and her car to the lorry park at Heston service area, where an AA mechanic diagnosed an oil leak in the gearbox.’
    • ‘The first motorway service area was opened at Watford Gap on the M1 in 1959, and England's network has since swelled to 68.’
    • ‘It's OK, I'll use this service area to turn round and head back to London.’
    • ‘The county council, will also soon be advising the public as to when they will be enforcing parking restrictions within the Riverside Quay service area.’
    • ‘His body was discovered near the Killington Lake service area on the M6 in Cumbria last year.’
    • ‘The second inquiry examined plans for motorway service areas at Kirby Hill, Kirk Deighton, Flaxby Covert, east of Knaresborough, Skelton Grange, near Leeds, and Bramham.’
    • ‘We have had nothing but a leaflet and a few posters at service areas for years.’
    • ‘‘We have 47 service areas across the country and the safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance,’ he said.’
  • 2The area transmitted to by a broadcasting station.

    ‘Region X refers to the nine-county service area surrounding Dallas.’
    • ‘When I am sitting in a restaurant waiting for a lunch companion, or in traffic in a cab, if I am lucky, my daughter will be willing, available, and within the service area to talk to me.’
    • ‘This type of technology is called ‘cellular’ because the system uses base stations to divide a service area into multiple ‘cells.’’
    • ‘For the UHF television broadcaster, towers of adequate height and transmitters of adequate power are readily available so that the UHF broadcaster can cover his licensed service area.’
    • ‘I got the phone and I dialed her cell phone number and I heard the recording telling me that the number was out of the service area.’