Meaning of service club in English:

service club



North American
  • An association of business or professional people with the aims of promoting community welfare and goodwill.

    ‘The defendant purchased a ticket for a lottery sponsored by a local service club.’
    • ‘Our parents could not imagine a world in which everyone did not go to church and belong to a service club.’
    • ‘It's the longest running service club in the town, with the exception of the Freemasons.’
    • ‘His service club, and ultimately local charities, benefited to the tune of nearly R100000.’
    • ‘The camp was made possible with help from the Variety Club, Quota, Lismore City Council and many service clubs.’
    • ‘I have been a member of a service club that, as a project over the years, was continually going and getting scrap metal off farms and selling it.’
    • ‘We must stop hiding in our little comfort zones such as political parties, service clubs, associations and other groupings.’
    • ‘That's when Rotary International, the oldest and largest service club in the world, decided to eradicate Polio from the face of the earth.’
    • ‘Non-governmental organisations, such as service clubs, religious bodies and advocacy groups, maintain the fabric of society.’
    • ‘Members of the public in higher positions should join the service club to help ease difficulties being faced by the less privileged, especially women and children.’
    • ‘Community sources such as non-profit agencies, service clubs, and local colleges and universities provide many free community services.’
    • ‘Among the projects undertaken by the service club are the upgrading of schools, scholarships for secondary school students and provision of food packages and meals for the poor.’
    • ‘Invitations to functions held by service clubs and community groups and organizations are always greatly appreciated and I am pleased to lend support to those organisations.’
    • ‘For all 16 questions, participation in a high-school service club had a negative effect on willingness to behave unethically, although the impact was statistically significant in only four cases.’
    • ‘Of course, when the Democrats talk about ‘community,’ they don't mean service clubs, church groups, and so on.’
    • ‘Her prize-winning speech has been delivered to local schools, service clubs, and various Jewish groups.’
    • ‘The Expo has been organised by the combined service clubs of Alstonville, Apex, Lions and Rotary.’
    • ‘The Lions Club of Lusaka West, as one of the service clubs under the umbrella of the International Association of Lions Clubs, was originally chartered on September 22, 1995 and was registered the same year.’
    • ‘Some of the better-known service clubs include Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis and Optimists.’
    • ‘Mwamba said in Lusaka yesterday that boxing in Zambia would not improve if boxers from the service clubs were not allowed to turn professional.’