Meaning of servicewoman in English:



  • A woman serving in the armed forces.

    ‘the move was intended to provide for the arming of a number of servicewomen’
    • ‘It recalls the names of all those servicemen and servicewomen who died in service of our country in war.’
    • ‘For the Minister to suggest that I am not patriotic or supportive of our servicemen and servicewomen, is very deeply offensive to me.’
    • ‘There are many people who will say - with callous accuracy - that for servicemen and servicewomen hard duty is their job.’
    • ‘We'll tell you how they're bringing America's pastime to servicemen and servicewomen deployed overseas.’
    • ‘"Many servicemen and servicewomen regard private financing as a very worrying development," he said.’
    • ‘The WIC office located near Omaha serves 650 servicewomen, wives of military personnel, and their children each month.’
    • ‘Then New Zealanders fought in Korea, Malaya, and Vietnam; and now our servicemen and servicewomen continue to serve around the world, rebuilding battered nations and keeping alive the hope of peace.’
    • ‘There are 250,000 US servicemen and servicewomen taking part in this campaign deployed from bases in the US, Germany and Italy.’
    • ‘A special case should be presented to the ministry in favour of our servicemen and servicewomen.’
    • ‘It gave great solace to those of us caring for sick servicemen and servicewomen that the Red Cross would help unite our patients and their family members during their time of need.’
    • ‘After World War II certainly there were university places found for returned servicemen and servicewomen.’