Meaning of serving woman in English:

serving woman

nounplural noun serving women

  • A female servant or attendant.

    ‘they worked as serving women in large houses and in city shops’
    • ‘On a hot summer day, Lotus comes to his house with her serving woman, Cuckoo.’
    • ‘The page entered, followed by a serving woman laden with a tray of steaming dishes.’
    • ‘The lamenting continues, for there is little hope left to these serving women now.’
    • ‘The three women discussed their strategy in whispers, though only their serving women were present.’
    • ‘Beyond this, women with bound feet performed all kinds of menial labor; they worked as serving women in large houses and in city shops.’
    • ‘The serving woman in the house distracts him and it is that couple who leave for Australia.’
    • ‘When the castle was besieged by the Parliamentarians, a serving woman who was pretending to collect seaweed gathered them up.’
    • ‘Sibyl turned her head, flushed, to see a serving woman at the door, peaking in as if afraid to disturb someone.’
    • ‘The serving women work very hard to keep the rooms and hallways clean.’
    • ‘A serving woman came to the door in the morning, and brought us hot water and a brass tub.’
    • ‘An older serving woman hastens, with confused steps, to throw a bowl of water over him.’
    • ‘In the morning another serving woman brought us broth.’