Meaning of sesquicentennial in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛskwɪsɛnˈtɛnɪəl/


  • Relating to a sesquicentenary.

    ‘as the town's sesquicentennial celebrations get under way’
    • ‘The University of Michigan Medical School this year celebrates its sesquicentennial anniversary.’
    • ‘Renovation and redecoration of church property was followed by an elaborate sesquicentennial celebration.’
    • ‘Thus it was that I wound up postponing my degree and staying a fifth year to edit the sesquicentennial edition of the university's yearbook.’
    • ‘When Harper's Magazine was looking for somebody to put on the cover of their sesquicentennial issue alongside Mark Twain, there was you.’
    • ‘On November 26, 1950, First Baptist Church staged an elaborate sesquicentennial celebration.’
    • ‘As a sidelight, Sir John Maddox gave a lecture tour of New Zealand in its sesquicentennial year 1990.’
    • ‘Now the town council wants Corky to write and direct a musical based on the town's 150-year history for the upcoming sesquicentennial celebration.’
    • ‘But in this sesquicentennial year of Uncle Tom, scholars are working hard to clarify the public's understanding of this controversial figure.’
    • ‘I first met Holliday when he spoke at a symposium hosted by the Oakland Museum during California's sesquicentennial anniversary of the discovery of gold in California.’
    • ‘In his sesquicentennial history of the SBC, Jesse Fletcher pointed out correctly that neither Barnes, Baker, nor McBeth had mentioned this document in their histories.’
    • ‘Ten years ago I was asked by the Eastern Health Board to write a short history of St. Vincent s Hospital which later appeared in booklet form as part of the sesquicentennial celebration of the former workhouse.’
    • ‘Official sesquicentennial celebrations marked 26 January 1938, but Aboriginal people protested with a Day of Mourning to mark the beginning of the invasion of their people.’
    • ‘The sesquicentennial celebration will last through May 2004 and will encompass a variety of special events involving those affiliated with the university, as well as its surrounding community.’
    • ‘They and their contributions are only mentioned anecdotally, if at all, in the centennial, sesquicentennial, and bicentennial celebrations of the villages and towns along the Southern Tier.’


  • A sesquicentenary.

    ‘the Texas Sesquicentennial was just two years away’
    • ‘Without doubt they will respond again to the call to celebrate the sesquicentennial on 16 December 2000.’
    • ‘The sesquicentennial of the Great Famine also took on special importance on account of the contemporary political contexts in which it occurred.’
    • ‘That the sesquicentennial of the potato famine would be the occasion for a reassertion of Irish consciousness is not surprising.’
    • ‘As you say, it should even be possible to get it all done for the sesquicentennial, in 2017, if we begin planning now.’
    • ‘As an added bonus, we can have the sesquicentennial again and do it properly this time.’
    • ‘In 2007, Upper Iowa University will celebrate its sesquicentennial.’