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session musician


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  • A freelance musician hired to play on recording sessions.

    ‘Ferguson, who hails from Toronto, is in high demand as a session musician and sideman.’
    • ‘Gavin is about to begin a music course at college and hopes to become a session musician when he graduates.’
    • ‘Later he became a session musician and played with Frank Sinatra on the UK leg of his world tour.’
    • ‘And as such it has seen him rise to the top as a leading session musician for artists as diverse as Clive Dunn and David Bowie.’
    • ‘And in the back is the sturdy session man, Mr. White, pounding out the rhythm that brings it all together.’
    • ‘Internationally Renee has worked as a session musician with artists such as Sting, Jackson Browne and Chaka Khan.’
    • ‘His time spent as a session musician and songwriter means that this expert lyricist and nimble guitarist has become accustomed to staying in the background.’
    • ‘In 1964, Stax president Jim Stewart met Hayes and, impressed by his playing, invited him to work as a session musician at the label's studios.’
    • ‘He became a session musician, and hooked up with Frankie Poullain and fellow Lowestoft survivor Ed Graham, to form Empire, a synth pop outfit, in 1999.’
    • ‘Kyle Eastwood began his entertainment career with a lead role opposite his father, Clint, in the film Honkytonk Man, but by the 1990s he had become a respected session musician.’
    • ‘A 30-year veteran of the blues business, Flynn is an inspired guitarist who plays slide in a variety of open tunings, is an accomplished harmonica player, and an in-demand session man.’
    • ‘Carl Haley is a producer, songwriter and session musician who has worked with the likes of Darius, Blue and Lynden David Hall.’
    • ‘Franglen, a former Spice Girls session musician, did some studio work with Graham Lyle recently, and the latter was so keen on being sampled that he helped Lemon Jelly circumvent the often tortuous clearance procedures.’
    • ‘Throughout this period, Clive was also a member of the Richard Thompson Band and in demand as a record producer and session musician.’
    • ‘You did play a lot of your own music on the last album, even though you have every session musician in the world at your disposal.’
    • ‘Longtime Steely Dan session man and touring player Cornelius Bumpus has died.’
    • ‘No Direction Home has an interview with the sublimely cool and wry session man Al Kooper.’
    • ‘Some were session musicians, for whom the recording was simply one more engagement.’
    • ‘But unlike All Hail, Tallahassee is a true studio album, with fancy Vaughn Oliver artwork, slick production and session musicians.’
    • ‘They look like a bunch of session musicians to me.’