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set forth

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phrasal verb

  • 1set something forth, set forth somethingState or describe something in writing or speech.

    ‘we had the responsibility to assess the evidence as set forth in the report’
    • ‘These principles were set forth in the landmark judgments at Nuremberg, and [are] now embodied in the basic instruments of international criminal law.’
    • ‘Five underlying principles are set forth at the beginning of the Framework.’
    • ‘Their names are set forth in Schedule A, which is attached as an appendix to this indictment.’
    • ‘These reasons were set forth in a memorandum by the dean that faulted the professor for numerous alleged professional and personal shortcomings and cautioned her not to challenge the memorandum.’
    • ‘Their positions have been set forth on their Web site.’
    • ‘For convenience both rules are set forth below.’
    • ‘The moral to the tale is set forth in the well-known stanza.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, no reference to such an immunity is set forth in the Constitution.’
    • ‘In order to document this important definition, we must look at the precise way in which George sets it forth.’
    • ‘Truths are one thing, the way they are set forth is another.’
    present, describe, set out, detail, delineate, explain, expound, give an account of, rehearse, catalogue, particularize
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  • 2

    (also set forward)
    archaic Begin a journey.

    ‘we set forth to enjoy the countryside’
    • ‘Many have set forth on great journeys from New York, of course.’
    • ‘At the bottom of this picture two carriages set forth at dawn on the journey home under armed escort.’
    • ‘Christian missionaries who set forth from Rome to convert the heathen brought with them the curse of those two days and the seven-day week.’
    • ‘Mum and Dad have set forth on a great caravan adventure leaving us here at home to play house for two weeks!’
    • ‘So he set forth to seek his fortune… Thus it began, but shortly, it led through a maze of adventures, to a land in the west.’
    set out, set off, start out, sally forth, begin one's journey, leave, depart, set sail
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