Meaning of set one's sights on in English:

set one's sights on

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  • Have as an ambition; hope strongly to achieve or reach.

    ‘Katherine set her sights on university’
    • ‘There's a lot more to the man than meets the eye, and I wouldn't bet against him achieving anything he sets his sights on.’
    • ‘Achieve all that you set your sights on and treat others how you wish to be treated.’
    • ‘Yes - lovely chap, though obviously I had hoped she had set her sights on someone higher than a retail manager…’
    • ‘Feeling fresh after beating off competition from children three times her age to win gold at the Old Town Festival, the youngster has now set her sights on reaching Grand Slam finals.’
    • ‘From the sump, we turned around and headed upstream, setting our sights on reaching the Double Waterfall that constitutes the Southern limit of the Tourist Area.’
    • ‘Once the weather gods had decreed that the day-night semi-final should go on without interruption, the Indians set their sights on demolishing Kenya's hopes as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘As the author of this monograph points out, the ruling elites in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have never set their sights on achieving competitive market economies.’
    • ‘McCoy will now set his sights on reaching the magical 300 mark.’
    • ‘But for the most part, the band seems to have set their sights on a more global approach.’
    • ‘So, turn the page and start your year off right - with a better-body formula that promises you'll stay on track and achieve whatever workout successes you've set your sights on.’
    aspire to, aim at, aim for, try for, strive for, strive towards, work towards, be after, want, seek, have in view, think of, hope for
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