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set out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Begin a journey.

    ‘we set out from New York on Friday for Egypt’
    • ‘So I still shut my door, put my best foot forward, and set out on my journey.’
    • ‘Should I set out on such a journey, equivalent to sailing round the world single handed in a rowboat?’
    • ‘Believe it or not, in those days we dutifully checked radiators and fan belts and oil and petrol and tyre pressure before setting out on any journey of consequence.’
    • ‘He said Fridays were thought to be the worst for accidents for a number of reasons including extra traffic, tired drivers and people setting out on longer journeys.’
    • ‘Be that as it may, the long road would take us too far afield even to begin setting out on it.’
    • ‘The adventure begins when Molly sets out on her quest, oblivious to what await her.’
    • ‘If this were available then the choice of whether or not to visit these places could be made prior to setting out on the journey.’
    • ‘I handed Richard a radio once we began setting out, informing him and the others about what our course of action was.’
    • ‘We can begin setting out for the planets today rather than someday, or never.’
    • ‘Canoes were also set to begin searching but strong winds prevented them from setting out.’
    start, make a start, start out, set off, set forth, begin one's journey
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    1. 1.1Aim or intend to do something.
      ‘she drew up a plan of what her organization should set out to achieve’
      • ‘In the two week break from work I've just had, one of my goals (despite setting out to achieve as little as possible in this time) was to play the game through.’
      • ‘What is your project, what are you setting out to achieve?’
      • ‘It does not achieve what it sets out to do (to teach the child how to act in society).’
      • ‘I find that meditation is a very useful tool to get work done, to achieve what one sets out to achieve.’
      • ‘His accomplishments in Zimbabwe suggest he normally achieves what he sets out to.’
      • ‘They have not achieved what they set out to do with all these schemes.’
      • ‘They have achieved what they set out to and the reasons that took them abroad are no longer valid.’
      • ‘We start the story with Joey's arrival in Dallas, as he sets out to seek fame and fortune as an actor.’
      • ‘He achieved what he set out to, and demonstrated that there is a new movement in the US, which is not about to go away.’
      • ‘To achieve that they set out to reduce the number of competitors in the market.’
      aim, intend, mean, seek, have in mind
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  • 2set something out, set out somethingArrange or display something in a particular order or position.

    ‘they had a picnic by the river where there was a jetty and rustic tables and chairs set out’
    • ‘And you passed this table where all his publications were set out on display.’
    • ‘Milk, rice, and Sri Lankan sweetmeats are set out in precise order, along with the slate on which the child will scrawl the letter.’
    • ‘At one end, a large projection screen displayed the screen of one of the game players, and about a dozen chairs were set out for people to watch the action.’
    • ‘Dozens of chairs had been set out and the town council had moved from the council chamber to the larger court room to allow the maximum amount of public discussion.’
    • ‘Hundreds upon hundreds of simple chairs were set out, but no one filled them.’
    • ‘OK, if you only have dessert spoons; but if the way you set them out on the table is the deciding factor, what about the soup spoons?’
    • ‘Tables and bullhorns were set out for the protesters in front of the entrance to the building housing the interview rooms.’
    • ‘The tables were set out in the traditional way of all old Universities.’
    • ‘The rectangular metal tables were set out perfectly, in five rows of five, sitting about eight each.’
    • ‘Behind this podium was a private section where tables had been set out.’
    arrange, lay out, spread out, array, dispose, present, put out
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    1. 2.1Present information or ideas in a well-ordered way in writing or speech.
      ‘this chapter sets out the debate surrounding pluralism’
      • ‘Nomination details are set out in an information pack.’
      • ‘The problems may have remained hidden for longer but for new rules about how pension funds are valued and how that information is set out in the company's accounts.’
      • ‘These ideas were set out in Hume's Dialogues which was published by an unknown publisher, probably in Edinburgh, three years after his death in 1776.’
      • ‘The Council's views on the medical information has been set out in its previous letters.’
      • ‘Their main features and characteristics are set out in this chapter, and their roles in the policy process will be a recurrent theme in this volume.’
      • ‘The aim of this book is set out in Chapter 1 and, accordingly, a preface might seem unnecessary.’
      • ‘Yes, I have, and they are set out in detail in the written submissions, but I want to highlight in paragraph 26 where it all goes wrong.’
      • ‘These amendments are set out in detail in the commentary on the bill.’
      • ‘The facts are set out in some detail and I need not take your Honours through them.’
      • ‘They must be construed and then applied to the facts precisely in the order in which they are set out.’
      present, describe, set forth, detail
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