Meaning of set someone's teeth on edge in English:

set someone's teeth on edge


  • (especially of a harsh sound) cause someone to feel intense discomfort or irritation.

    ‘the grating sound set her teeth on edge’
    • ‘I hate beginning Monday mornings with the kind of irritation that sets my teeth on edge and makes me want to shout at the person concerned.’
    • ‘Unless, of course, the sound of kids enjoying themselves sets your teeth on edge.’
    • ‘Every sound that filtered through the snow-laden branches set his teeth on edge.’
    • ‘Some owls screech and scream their heads off, setting your teeth on edge and jangling your nerves.’
    • ‘From the moment they start playing carols in the shops in October to the appearance of the first Easter Eggs in the shops on New Years Eve, the rampant hypocrisy of the Christmas spirit sets your teeth on edge.’
    • ‘A similar thing happens to many humans - as soon as you detect the excruciating high-pitched whine of a dentist's drill, it sets your teeth on edge.’
    • ‘This assumed connection between the sleeping and feeding habits of infants, and the parents' willingness to apply the appropriate degree of discipline, always sets my teeth on edge.’
    • ‘But something about the way these magazines photograph women sets my teeth on edge.’
    • ‘Even after all these years, loud eating is the one trait which still sets my teeth on edge.’
    • ‘I have been thinking about this all day long, ever since someone made a stray remark about this investigation that just set my teeth on edge.’
    irritate, set someone's teeth on edge, jar