Meaning of set something on foot in English:

set something on foot


  • Set an action or process in motion.

    ‘a plan had lately been set on foot for their relief’
    • ‘We set enquiries on foot, and it turned out that there had been an overnight break-out from Barnyards' field.’
    • ‘The purposes with which they are set on foot are profit, honour, or avoidance of loss or dishonour.’
    • ‘It was easy to see what must be the fate of this fine system in any serious and comprehensive attempt to set it on foot in this country.’
    • ‘The revolutions carry their own points, some-times to the ruin of those who set them on foot.’
    • ‘Lewis and Clarke, has entirely fulfilled my expectations in setting it on foot, and that the world will find that those travellers have well earned its favor.’
    • ‘His patriotic feeling led Mr Dudgeon to throw himself with enthusiasm into the Volunteer movement when it was set on foot in 1859.’
    • ‘This, however, would require organization and some leader to set it on foot.’