Meaning of set the seal on in English:

set the seal on

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(also put the seal on)
  • Make definite or complete.

    ‘the UN envoy hopes to set the seal on a lasting peace’
    • ‘one more win will be enough to put the seal on a highly successful season for his club’
    • ‘Perhaps this will be the book that finally sets the seal on his reputation and popularity in his native land.’
    • ‘The Trust is due to sign off the deal with its private sector partner, setting the seal on five years of negotiations and planning.’
    • ‘News that it may soon be available to hire for dinners and functions sets the seal on York's growing reputation as a quirky corporate conference destination.’
    • ‘The final pastiche of The Red Balloon, showing that horrible red bag floating over the housetops, sets the seal on this luxury-tourist jaunt.’
    • ‘But it's the magical eight-minute closing track which sets the seal on this classic album.’
    • ‘The new contract sets the seal on a fast-growing debut year for the company.’
    • ‘Then at the end of August the chairman announced the sale of the subsidiary - putting the seal on his final retreat from France.’
    • ‘And when Saturday comes around they can deprive the Lions of an historic premiership ‘threepeat’, thus putting the seal on their own unique trifecta.’
    • ‘An excellent individual effort by the new full back put the seal on this victory.’
    • ‘He refused to be disappointed with a solitary point away from home, despite City letting slip a 2-1 lead and missing a number of opportunities to seal the win in the closing stages.’
    endorse, confirm, guarantee, ratify, validate
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