Meaning of set the stage for in English:

set the stage for


  • Prepare the conditions for (the occurrence or beginning of something)

    ‘these churchmen helped to set the stage for popular reform’
    • ‘These early beginnings set the stage for more recent innovations in the field.’
    • ‘In another, Cabot has skillfully set the stage for a new beginning that promises even more to come.’
    • ‘The first spoonful of warm rhubarb crisp or mouthful of rhubarb pie is the most special, setting the stage for more rhubarb treats to follow.’
    • ‘Every day he calls his girlfriend from the same phone booth at the same time and in doing so, has set the stage for, in action movie terms, the worst day of his life.’
    • ‘It has set the stage for yet more strikes and marches, despite his promised amendments to two of the law's most controversial clauses.’
    • ‘Diplomats say they expect no breakthrough but hope to set the stage for later talks.’
    • ‘More people said they expect improved conditions six months from now, setting the stage for stronger spending.’
    • ‘New technology allows us to look at the landscape in a new way, and the techniques we are learning today are setting the stage for more dramatic developments in the near future.’
    • ‘Hsieh drove in the tying run with the third single to force a 3-all tie, setting the stage for yet another late-game drama.’
    • ‘The Nature study sets the stage for two new projects beginning this summer that will attempt to probe characteristics of hurricanes.’