Meaning of set up house in English:

set up house


  • Make one's home in a specified place.

    ‘he moved to Manhattan and set up house on 54th Street’
    • ‘In 1751 John Home married, and David and his sister set up house in Edinburgh, moving to slightly more luxurious quarters as his fortunes improved.’
    • ‘He moved to London in 1964, set up house with schoolteacher Brian Taylor, and worked his way through London and local theatre.’
    • ‘It wasn't until I started making a list of things I needed to buy that I realised how many accoutrements are involved in setting up house.’
    • ‘They are even being prevented from setting up house in one place.’
    • ‘Given that a 16-year-old can legally get married and set up house, an in-between stage which lets them learn to cope with short periods of independence seems like a good idea.’
    • ‘But, a practical man, he set up house with a blacksmith's daughter who had been his housekeeper, and to underline her promotion sent her off to finishing school in Eastbourne.’
    • ‘He set up house and started a family in Stratford, but he didn't stay there long: throughout his career he lived in London, travelling back to visit his family now and then.’
    • ‘He had set up house in Paris with his American wife.’
    • ‘Abi and I got married in 1993, and we set up house in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘We do not see him begin his work or even set up house with his new wife.’