Meaning of setting sun in English:

setting sun


  • 1The sun as it sinks below or nears the horizon in the evening.

  • 2A depiction or stylized representation of the sun disappearing below the horizon; specifically a heraldic representation of this.

  • 3With the. The region or direction in which the sun sets; the west. Compare rising sun .

  • 4"land (also country, etc.) of the setting sun": used to denote a country, region, etc., located in or associated with the west.

  • 5The sinking of the sun below the horizon in the evening (especially as marking or representing the end of the day) or the time when this occurs; sunset. Now somewhat rare.

  • 6Zoology
    Either of two sunset shells (marine bivalve molluscs of the family Psammobiidae); especially Gari depressa (formerly Psammobia vespertina), found mainly in the western North Atlantic and the Mediterranean.


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in John Heywood (c1496–c1578), playwright and epigrammatist. From setting + sun.


setting sun

/ˌsɛtɪŋ ˈsʌn/