Meaning of settlement house in English:

settlement house



  • An institution in an inner-city area, typically sponsored by a church or college, providing educational, recreational, and other social services to the community.

    ‘I taught at a community center behind the Art Gallery of Ontario where there's a settlement house.’
    • ‘In 1926 she became a social worker and resident in Denison House, a Boston settlement house.’
    • ‘Among them were the Women's Educational and Industrial Union and Denison House, a settlement house.’
    • ‘And on her second European trip she visited the first British settlement house, Toynbee Hall.’
    • ‘This story begins by satirizing two uptown women who work in a settlement house but whose interest in the slum clearly exceeds reform and uplift.’
    • ‘Olga works in a settlement house, smokes, and bobs her hair.’
    • ‘In addition to serving as the hothouse for Irish political aspiration, Five Points was also the site of the nation's first settlement house.’
    • ‘And by that December a lengthy article in the Birmingham News reported that 227 children were using the settlement house.’
    • ‘Chapters Three through Six function collectively to analyze the complex role of dance in settlement houses and early parks and recreation agencies.’
    • ‘They include libraries, youth organizations, settlement houses, housing development centers, and stand-alone computing centers.’
    • ‘Born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1910, Sokolow grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where she pursued courses in various settlement houses.’
    • ‘Music clubs established music schools within settlement houses, sponsored after-school musical activities and donated records and sheet music to public libraries.’
    • ‘This was a thriving civic community, supporting branches of various civic organizations, including a YMCA settlement house that ran job-training programs.’
    • ‘Returning to the east coast to complete college, Amelia became president of the local chapter of the National Aeronautic Association while being employed as a social worker at a settlement house.’
    • ‘Mildred stands for an army of middle- and upper-class women who worked in settlement houses and strived for social progress through philanthropic contact with lower-class life.’
    • ‘Jane Addams had preceded Evans, travelling to England in 1887 to study settlement houses, and the seeds for Hull House were planted.’
    • ‘Nor was it an isolated phenomenon, for the Birmingham Board of City Missions established other settlement houses and programs.’
    • ‘Smaller numbers walked to events at nearby settlement houses.’
    • ‘She visited a variety of settlement houses that were largely funded by private charitable contributions.’