Meaning of seven-day in English:



  • Lasting for a week.

    ‘a seven-day trip for two to Hawaii’
    • ‘fields should be examined at seven-day intervals’
    • ‘For example, the May Day holiday has been turned into a seven-day official break.’
    • ‘We're not getting the calls for the seven-day trips to Mexico.’
    • ‘Our help centers around the world provide seven-day, 24-hour user support in local languages.’
    • ‘A seven-day meal plan, complete with recipes, is included with the disc to complement the exercises.’
    • ‘All in favor of making this a seven-day affair, raise your hand.’
    • ‘Over a normal seven-day week it generally receives up to five million customers.’
    • ‘Most of the food and entertainment during the seven-day cruise is included.’
    • ‘The sale includes a seven-day licence.’
    • ‘I read about this seven-day theater event that he did somewhere in rural Italy.’